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A Guide to Solo Entrepreneurs and Telephone Answering in Brentwood and Beyond

Being a solo entrepreneur in Brentwood can be daunting, especially if you haven’t owned a business before and because you might not believe that your company is situated in the business heart of the UK.

There are many challenges to running a business on your own, and one of these is managing to answer all the phone calls that come your way. If you’re struggling to do this, here’s how you can make sure that each customer gets a friendly response from you in 2024.

Get a Work Phone

You might be concerned that all your privacy will go out the window the moment you give out your phone number to the world, and you might even be worried about scams and fraud.

To make sure that you don’t become a victim, you should invest in a work phone that’s solely for business purposes. Some of the advantages of this include the fact that you can simply turn this phone off when you don’t wish to be disturbed and that you’ll always know that a call coming through on this phone is work related. This means that you can leave yourself contactable for family and friends while ensuring that your family and free time aren’t interrupted by a harried customer.

Find a Call Handling Service

However, if you hate making phone calls and are worried that you’ll end up being constantly on the phone, you should consider looking into call handling services. A call handling service is the perfect way to delegate your customer service without having to worry about employing another team member. This is because call handling services are virtual enterprises where your calls are redirected to a call centre and the team that operates within this. This means that your business calls won’t end up coming to you at all, and that you’ll only be passed on the necessary information that you need to know.

You should always communicate with this call centre, though to ensure that you’re all on the same page and to check that they know what is happening in your business.

Think About Where Your Phone is Situated

However, if you do want to answer and make all your phone calls yourself, you should think carefully about where you’re going to put your phone. This should be in a quiet environment so that both you and your customers can hear each other well.

You should also make sure that this phone is in a safe place and that it isn’t at risk of being answered by people outside of your business, like members of your family. It’s also important that this phone is easy and quick to get to, and within hearing range, or else you might find that you’re constantly missing calls and having to call your customers back.

By following the tips set out above, you’ll be able to minimise the stress that answering the phone can cause you.

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