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NFL’s Free Agent Signings: The Best of 2023

The 2023 NFL free agency period has been quite eventful. There have been numerous signings, trades, and notable deals. Every year, NFL fans look at the free agency signings of the previous year. Many feel bad about the players getting away with huge sums of money without fulfilling the desired expectations.

But at the same time, various agency signings prove fruitful as the players wow the audience with stellar performances. In this post, we’ll look at some of the biggest deals of the 2023 season.

1. QB Derek Carr

Derek Carr signed one of the biggest deals for the off-season for four years. He inked a $150 million deal as he switched over from the Las Vegas Raiders to the New Orleans sales.

After this transition, he has played 13 games for New Orleans. Carr has been an average player in 2023. He secured the 17th rank in passer rating (89.4) and the 20th rank in yards per game (221.5). However, Carr has thrown 13 touchdowns with seven interceptions.

With a record of 10th best scoring defense, Carr can propel the New Orleans Saints to make the play-off.

2. Baker Mayfield

Mayfield signed a $6.85 million one-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This gave him a base salary of $4 million. Live TV streaming services showed the NFL football action as Mayfield led the Buccaneers to the South crown. This also doubled his salary through incentives. 

Mayfield achieved many feats on the field in 2023, fully justifying this deal. As broadcasted on free live channels on Fire TV, Roku, and other streaming devices, he threw for 4,044 yards and 28 touchdowns. This he did against ten interceptions. It certainly made him 2023’s one of the most sought-after free agents.

3. Drue Tranquill

Tranquill’s first season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2023 was a resounding success. For $3 million, his role in the Super Bowl was significant. In many ways, he made up for the absence of Nick Bolton, who had to step away due to injury. 

Tranquill gave 4.5 sacks from the inside. He totaled 78 tackles and two forced fumbles. Tranquill also showed his skills in pass coverage. Chiefs were mesmerized with his performance.

4. David Montgomery

The Detroit Lions replaced Jammal Williams by bringing in the former Chicago Bears RB David Montgomery. He signed a three-year, $18 million deal. They might have done this because they considered Montogmery a non-flashy player who’s been quite productive throughout his career till now.

 Montgomery didn’t disappoint. He back-posted 1,015 rushing yards on 4.6 per carry. This was with 13 touchdowns. With his contributions, the Detroit Lions won their first NFC North title.

5. Jessie Bates

Jessie Bates signed a lucrative $64 million with the Atlanta Falcons. The decision to sign Bates paid off, as he finished as the highest-graded player from the free-agent class of 2023. Bates earned Second-Team All-Pro status. 

His 2023 highlights include six interceptions and five forced completions. With six interceptions, Bates ranked third among all defenders. Another highlight is his impressive 132 tackles, which goes on to show his exceptional defending prowess.

6. Kyle Van Roy

Baltimore Ravens signed Kyle Van Roy to a highly lucrative deal of $2.25 million on-year. Roy has proved himself as a consistent pass rusher throughout his time on the field. 

But after signing his deal, the man seems to have worked on skills. Along with the company of Mike Macdonald, the defensive coordinator, Roy posted nine sacks in 14 games. Due to him, the Baltimore Ravens were able to post 60 sacks in 2023

7. Jadeveom Clowney

Baltimore Ravens signed Jadeveom Clowney to a one-year deal of $4.25 million. The decision to sign Clowney was due to the Ravens wanting to enhance their outside line backer group. In the previous ten years, Clowney has played for five teams.

In 2023, he displayed one of his best performances with 9.5 sacks. It was due to these sacks that he received some more incentives into his contract. It made his base salary almost $2.5 million.

8. David Long Jr.

David Long signed an 11 million, two-year deal with Miami Dolphins. Long began his career in the NFL by playing for the Tennessee Titans in 2019. During his career, he has recorded 230 tackles and 14 passes defensed.

In the 2023 season, he recorded 113 tackles and six quarterback hits and a sack. All of these were his career highs. He is one of the best defensive players of the Miami Dolphins.

9. Dalton Schultz

Dalton Schultz was originally associated with the Dallas Cowboys. He played numerous seasons with them. Since 2020, he has been ranking among the top five in the tight ends in receptions and touchdowns. In 2023, he signed a one-year $6.25 million deal with the Houston Texans. 

His performance in the games soon made him a crucial part of the offense.

He got 59 passes for 635 yards. It led him to grab a three-year deal worth $36 million. This deal has $23.5 million guaranteed at signing.

10. Leonard Floyd

The Buffalo Bills enhanced their defensive line by signing Leonard Floyd to a one-year $8 million deal. Bills wanted someone who could win one-on-ones. In the past six seasons, Floyd has not missed even a single regular season game. He registered 9.0 sacks every season, beginning from 2020.

After signing the deal with the Bills, Floyd added another 10.5 sacks, which led the Bills to win their fourth straight AFC East crown.

11. Samson Ebukam

The signing of Samson Ebukam by the Indianapolis Colts for $24 million for three years remains one of the most shrewd signings. Ebukam recorded 57 tackles, 9.5 sacks, and three forced fumbles during all 17 starts.

He earned a +84.4 overall grade, which included a +80.0 run defense grade at his debut campaign in Indianapolis. He definitely enhanced the run defense of the team compared to his predecessor Yannick Ngakoue.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 NFL free agency period witnessed several eventful signings. All the players mentioned here truly lived up to their lucrative deals. From Derek Carr’s steady contributions to the standout play of Jessie Bates, teams experienced various degrees of success. The 2023 season went on to demonstrate the unpredictable nature of player acquisitions in professional football.


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