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The UK Nightlife Trends Shaping 2024

It’s always fascinating to see how nightlife and entertainment change over time. People have always enjoyed going out at night and spending a night on the town, whether this is spending time in a cosy pub, a stylish cocktail bar, or a lively nightclub until the small hours.

This is unlikely to change anytime soon, but there are interesting trends that come and go when it comes to nightlife. This is often as a result of generational trends, with the younger generations having a big impact as they tend to make up the largest percentage of people having a night out. So, what are some of the biggest nightlife trends in 2024?

0% & Low Alcohol

One of the most interesting trends to develop in recent times has been the rise of 0% and low-alcohol beverages. Many younger people are abstaining from alcohol or opting for low-alcoholic percentage drinks on a night out and instead are more health conscious. Research shows that 44% of young people have occasional or regular non-alcohol alternatives, up from 31% in 2022.


Another notable trend right now is pre-parties. While the idea of going around someone’s house for a few drinks before a night out is nothing new, it has become a lot more prevalent in the last few years. This is due to the cost-of-living crisis, which is making it harder for people to afford a night on the town. By having food and drinks beforehand, people can save a lot of money and still benefit from being social and enjoying a night out.

Vegan Food

Although people are eating out less often as a way to save money, one trend on the rise is the demand for vegan food. This isn’t surprising as many people are giving up meat, particularly younger generations. There’s a growing demand for high-quality vegan food as opposed to fast food, which is both a healthier choice as well as one that’s better for the environment and the planet.

Escape Rooms

People are also seeking fun, immersive experiences on a night out instead of simply sitting in a pub or bar. One of the most obvious trends to emerge in recent times has been escape rooms. Escape rooms provide a group of people with a fun challenge to overcome, which can be memorable and bring people together. The popularity of experiences like this shows no signs of slowing down, along with other activity-based experiences and venues opening up.

Arcade Bars

Similarly, arcade bars are having their moment in 2024. Arcade bars can be great fun on a night out as people can socialise and enjoy a few drinks while playing retro games. Bristol’s new retro arcade bar is a great example of this as one of the hottest spots in Bristol right now. NQ64 is found in the heart of the city and offers visitors an incredible experience with nostalgic arcade games, craft beers on tap, cocktails, and live DJs.

Spaces like this are a great place to come with a group of friends, on a date, or even by yourself as they are such social spaces with the ability to play games with people easily.

Live Music

With people looking to save money, it means that when they do go out, they want to make sure that they’re getting value for money and an entertaining night. Therefore, many people are prioritising live music when going out in 2024. Live music is predicted to soar in 2024, with venues and artists wanting to do more in the seed music industry this year.


Another interesting trend to develop in recent times has been the rise of vaping and the move away from smoking traditional tobacco products. While there are certainly still people who smoke on a night out, you’ll find that the majority use vaping products, which can be a healthier and more affordable option. Statistics show that the number of people smoking in the UK is at its lowest since records began in 2011.

These are currently a few of the major nightlife trends in the UK in 2024. People will always enjoy a night on the town, but it’s evident that the ways that people enjoy a night out are always changing. This is currently due to various factors, including the economic situation, generational attitudes, and considerations regarding health and the environment. It will be interesting to see how these trends fare over the rest of the year and what new ones emerge.

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