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How Organizations are Raising Awareness and Funds for Alzheimer's Disease

In the UK, around 900,000 people suffer from Alzheimer's, a progressive disease that affects people in several different ways, including memory loss, language problems, and mood changes. Alzheimer's disease comes under the umbrella of dementia, and as symptoms worsen, developing into dementia, patients will struggle to do everyday tasks. Although there is no cure for it, money raised from charities help thousands of patients, and in this article, we'll look closer at how this money is raised not only in the UK but in the USA too.

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Continuous Fundraising

The Alzheimer's Society partners with companies from a range of industries. Just over a few years ago, a UK casino company teamed up with the Alzheimer's Society in the UK to raise money for different projects across the country. Buzz Bingo is a gambling firm that offers gamers the chance to play bingo both online and at physical locations. Games include themed slot machines or traditional casino offerings like poker, blackjack, and other table games. As part of their fundraising efforts, the company raised over half a million pounds, which will go towards further research about the disease, including clinical trials. It will also help with community support in northern communities in England.

Increasing Awareness

In England, Alzheimer's activists have been working hard to bring the disease in front of key decision-makers in government. As outlined by the Alzheimer's Society, patients have recently been given the chance to talk to MPs at conferences, outlining the impact the disease has had on their lives and the importance of more funding. 

The society also has some strategic partners, including the Football Association of England and Santander Bank, who provide not only financial support and more opportunities for fundraising but also raise the profile of the society and its work. The English national team, for example, has a global profile, which can only help the cause.

Alzheimer's in America

Across the Atlantic in the US, it's estimated that six million Americans suffer from the disease, while only half of that figure has received a diagnosis, according to the Alzheimer's Association in the USA. Just like their counterparts in the UK, the US has created several ad campaigns focusing on raising awareness of symptoms and encouraging patients to visit health professionals. Many of these campaigns have been translated into Spanish to reach multiple communities in the country. These ads have run on television, print, and radio.

In fact, Alzheimer's has found the limelight often. Two of the most famous people in American history, Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan, both dealt with Alzheimer's disease, while Seth Rogen is an advocate and created Hilarity for Charity, a non-profit that raised nearly $900,000 at a 10-year celebration of its founding last year.

The Alzheimer's Society and similar charities help millions of patients not only in the UK but in Europe and across the world. The work they do is vital for patients and their families, and with campaigns such as those mentioned in this article, the standard of care and lives of patients can continue to be improved.

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