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How to Ensure You Have a Business Fleet That All Your Drivers Can Make Use Of

You will find that your drivers either ‘claim’ certain vehicles as theirs and get rather territorial and possessive over them or have preferences. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t matter too much because you would find that each vehicle had its adoring driver, but in reality, it is more likely that your drivers will prefer a certain group of vehicles and shun all others.  Cost is also a consideration too – you need to know that there are well priced gearboxes or other parts available if you need to repair them.

#1 Choosing the Same Makes of Vehicle

There is nothing more irritating than having gotten used to controls on one side of the steering wheel in one vehicle than to be dumped with another vehicle that has them in a different place. Although turning on the windscreen wipers rather than the indicator can be seen as amusing to the passenger, it can be dangerous to all the other road users.

It is frustrating when you need to clean the windscreen due to poor visibility issues, and find that you cannot work out where the control has been hidden. Choosing the same make of vehicle whether it be Renault or Ford, for instance, will have your drivers being able to concentrate on their driving as the controls will be in the same place and on the same side of the steering wheel.

#2 Automatic Gearbox Over Manual

This being said, there is also something to choosing vehicles that have an automatic gearbox over a manual one. This is because those individuals that have chosen, for one reason or another, to opt for an automatic driving license are not able to legally drive a manual car unless under a provisional license. Whereas a full manual driving license allows the owner to drive both manual and automatic vehicles. By not having automatic vehicles, you are limiting your drivers to only those that hold a full manual driver’s license, rather than employing a broader scale.

You are also limiting yourself on the amount of choice that you have for vehicles within your fleet. There are plenty of bargains on offer in the used car market and even more when you consider used automatic cars for sale Nottingham.

#3 Uniformity of Look and Style for Your Fleet

Choosing vehicles of the same make can also provide your business fleet with uniformity. This can make your life easier, as well as that of your drivers. For instance, you could find that you may be able to get a package deal at your local garage when it comes to servicing or maintaining them, as well as purchasing any additions that you want to make to them, such as vehicle wraps for on-the-road advertising or body kits to make them look more unique to your business. Knowing what you want and where to source it, as well as how to fit them, will save you time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing vehicles that are of the same make and even where possible the same model will (or should) reduce vehicle favouritism amongst your drivers. It will also make them easier and far safer for your drivers to use. This includes controls, size, and gearboxes. Uniformity is good in a business fleet. It helps get your business noticed and even more so when all vehicles look the same and are carrying vehicle wraps to advertise your business.

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