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Grease: A Valuable Essex Auto Repair Commodity

Grease has one hundred and one uses which the average white collar worker doesn’t know about. This article explores why grease is such a valuable commodity in the automotive industry, and beyond.

When you finish cooking your bacon and put the foil in the bin, you don’t think that the grease could be useful to someone. Refined grease has countless uses in the auto and DIY sectors – not to mention its use as biofuel. Grease is becoming a valuable commodity throughout England and Wales.

The Multiple Uses of Grease

It’s all very well to say that grease has multiple uses, but it is slightly harder to prove. Due to its nature, we use grease in places that we can’t see. In engines, in cogs, to help bicycle chains run smoother, and so on. Here are a few of our favourite uses for grease:

  • To lubricate vehicle components
  • To keep gate bearings, pivot points, and bushings smooth
  • Grease can keep old tools working
  • Use grease on your bike or motorbike
  • To preserve metals exposed to salt water in marine engineering
  • Lithium grease can absorb shock in industrial processes
  • While aluminium complex grease can prevent rust in farming

There are different types of grease. Among others, you can get barium grease, clay grease, sodium, or plastic greases. Each type of grease goes best for particular roles in industry. It’s not a new idea, either. Grease has powered the nation’s engines since humans first required mechanical lubricants. Grease as the modern mechanic knows it today has been on shelves since the 1940s.

How do you use grease in vehicle maintenance?

Mechanics will go out of their way to find the best, least messy, ways of applying grease. If you have a similar need, this review should help you find the best grease gun. Using a tool like this, you aim the nozzle where you would like to apply the grease, then pull the trigger or lever to apply the grease.

You can use grease with a cloth, brush, or paper towel too. However, the grease gun is the industry standard application method. Manufacturers specifically shape the grease cannisters they sell most of so that they fit into a grease gun.

Why Mechanics use grease in the Automotive Industries?

Grease does more than just lubricate the joins and moving parts of engines. Greasing moving parts eases and disperses potential friction. This prevents painful squealing sounds and lessens the chance of sparks. The grease protects the parts from extremes in temperature, preventing freezing, too. It also helps disperse pressure on the joints.

Not all grease is the same

We leave you with a word of warning, that not all grease is the same. You wouldn’t want to use that bacon grease we mentioned earlier to grease the parts of your car engine without first processing the grease. Nobody wants you to turn up to Brentwood theatre with a car which makes the entire town hungry. It may smell delicious, but it wouldn’t keep the parts of your engine working as smoothly as a good polyurethane grease could.

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