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World Religion Research Paper Topics

If you are a student studying world religions, there are many possible topics you can choose from. You can look at Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Animism, to name a few. You can also explore the influences of religions on modern society. You will find that many religions have contributed to the arts, science, and education.


A study of Islam as a world religion can be a challenging one. The topic is controversial, and it should be approached from a variety of perspectives. For example, you can look at how Muslims view women in Islam from an ideological and historical perspective at the essay writing service. In addition, you can compare the treatment of women by both fundamentalists and traditionalists.

In addition to examining the differences between the two religions, you may also want to analyze how they see the end of the world. For example, Christianity and Islam have very different views of death. To write a good paper, you should compare how each religion views death and the role of women in their congregations. You may also look into the role of women in different religions and whether they have different views on divorce.


Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the Old and New Testaments. It emphasizes the role of Jesus as a savior. It has significantly contributed to human culture, society, and politics. Because of these contributions, it is often the subject of research and analytical papers. However, some students may find it challenging to choose a topic.

One of the best topics for this type of research paper focuses on the significance of Christianity in the modern world. A good essay writers will cover the origin of the religion, its central concepts, history, and periods of strength. It can also compare Christianity with other world religions.


One of the world religions that many people are not familiar with is Buddhism. This ancient practice spread from Asia to Europe and gained popularity in the US last century. In a nutshell, Buddhism denies the existence of God and focuses on the study of meditation and the search for no self. In addition, Buddhism promotes equality among genders.

To write my essay a successful research paper on any religion, you must take the time to conduct adequate research. The topic must be relevant and exciting to the reader. To do so, you should compile a list of reliable educational sources. Then, you should evaluate the history of each religion and compare its beliefs with those of other faiths. You can also compare religions or religious books to understand a particular religion’s history and evolution.


Animism is a world religion that engages non-human, impersonal forces. Some cultures believe in personal spiritual beings such as God, ancestors, totemic spirits, nature spirits, and demons. Others believe in forces manipulating the physical world, including magic, astrology, witchcraft, and the evil eye.

Animists believe that the seen world is interconnected with the unseen. They also believe in the interaction between the sacred and the profane and the holy and the secular. Many animists believe in personal and impersonal spirit beings and practice their religion in fear of these entities.

Animism is a famous world religion because of its connection to spirituality. It can help people cope with everyday problems and receive guidance about the future. Animists may adopt the beliefs of Christians, orthodox Muslims, or high-religious Buddhists.


Paganism as a world religion research paper can include various topics. For example, you can write about the beliefs of different pagans, their religious practices, and how they relate to modern civilization. Another significant issue is how the concept of reincarnation is reflected in contemporary religion. Finally, you can also discuss the role of women in different religious communities.

Paganism is an ancient religion that was practiced throughout the classical world. The term “paganism” originally referred to non-Christian indigenous religions, but the tour was later expanded to cover any non-Christian religion. Today, social scientists prefer pantheism or polytheism when discussing modern indigenous religions. In addition, a modern movement of self-identified Pagans, called neopaganism, derives its beliefs from pre-modern European practices.

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