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The Best Beginner Games To Play Online

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We have transitioned to a new social economy in the past few years. More people have gone to the internet for easier shopping. We have skype business meetings and doctor’s appointments. But that is not all.

Business is one of many changes we have transitioned to. The way we socialize and play has evolved too. Skype, Facebook, and Livestream often replace visits with family and friends.

Playing games


Before the global changes took place, thousands of people visited more than 600 Bingo halls in the UK before 2020. The halls were a smart way to play a globally favorite game. Today, there are less than 400 Bingo halls left. Many of them have announced that they will be closing permanently.

Lottoland Bingo is a popular game that most people play. It requires little talent. Online vendors rate Bingo as one of the best beginner games to play online. Lottoland is a quality online betting facility. They are licensed and insured and are one of the biggest companies of their type in the world.

Playing Bingo with Lottoland is much like playing at Bingo Hall. You gather with your online mates and play up to six cards simultaneously. The caller calls out the Bingo numbers, and you tick them off your cards. When you complete a line, you have a Bingo. As you continue, you can win double Bingos and more. Playing Bingo online is much like the game you have enjoyed for years.

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Online Slots

Slot machines have been around for a long time. They have always been the number one attraction for land-based casinos. The transition to online games did not change that. Online slots are the only game you can sit and play without training or skills.

Slots have three reels or more. They have multiple pay lines. The wage you place to play is meager, and the return rate (RTP) is more than 90%. Individual slots list their RTP rates, instructions, and jackpots. You just place your bet and spin the reels. Every spin is another chance to win.

In recent years slots have evolved a bit. Some now have storylines and levels you can aspire to conquer. Each level gives you more prizes. These games are equally easy to play, but you find multipliers, bonuses, and free spins to increase your winnings.

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Online Poker

Poker is a top-rated game in the UK. More than 100 million people in the world play poker online. Video poker is much like the card game you play at the tables, but if you want to play this game with a live dealer, they are available. All the variations, such as Jacks or Better or Jokers Wild (and others), are available. You play online with your smartphone, android, tablet, or computer. Standard rules apply.


This is a fraction of the games you can play online. From traditional board games like Monopoly, scratch-off tickets, and lotteries, there are lots of easy games to play online.

If you are looking for simple games you can download from an app and play with your smartphone; they are as close as your app store. These are low-level games that may help you kill some time. They are not the most exciting games, but they are traditional games. There are color-matching games, solitaire, and “find the difference” games. There are word games, like Scrabble, dice games, and games where you design fashions.

Some games allow you to bet, but these games are known for not paying or stopping you just before you win. They drag on forever. If you will bet on a game, use an online casino with a quality vendor and a good reputation. That is the only assurance that you are legally protected. You have an equal chance to win as everyone else. When you win, you win big and are guaranteed payment directly into your account.


Playing games online is the new normal. Mobile apps make them available any time of the day or night. Everybody likes to play games. The convenience of playing from your home or office makes them even more appealing. You can meet your partners online to play. There are few games unavailable as the vendors have vast game libraries.

Setting up an account is easy. Choosing a game you love is easy. Playing the games is much like traditional games, except you make your moves with your keystrokes. Designers of the games make the games as easy as possible. If you love to play games, give online gaming a try. You do not have to give up the activities you enjoy because our society has changed.

We urge you to take the step to online gaming. As we move forward, that will be how we access the games we grew up on and do not want to forget. Progress does not have to take away from our gaming enjoyment. Many find it enhances it, and they easily fit into our busy world.

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