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Who are the Biggest Music Acts to Headline Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has become one of the most in-demand music venues in the world. For many years some of the biggest names of the time have played at the most popular casinos, entertainment venues and theatres, taking their turn to take residency. Once upon a time, this was seen as a sign that they were falling from grace and would soon be a has-been; however, times have changed, and now it is prestigious and sought after, with the most popular acts heading there to play.

Vegas is an action-packed destination with a variety of options for entertainment, from casino tables to iconic buildings and fabulous concerts, it is little wonder people flock there for a holiday, and this can be a dream break if your favourite stars happen to be playing there. So, who are the most prominent names to grace the Las Vegas stage?

Katie Perry

Katie Perry enjoyed a larger-than-life residency with over-the-top sets and a sense of true showmanship. Her music regularly tops the charts worldwide, and her unique and iconic style meant that thousands of fans headed to the bright lights of Vegas to see her perform.

Elvis Presley

In 1969, Elvis used his residency to reboot a career that appeared to be fading fast. His music and movies were considered old and outdated as this was a time of much change for the entertainment industry. However, his time on the hallowed stages of Vegas reminded the world what a star he was, and in July, Suspicious Minds topped the charges thanks to his excellent performance in Las Vegas.

Frank Sinatra

It is said that few performers have ever topped the finesse and style of this Rat Packers live show in Vegas. His music has stood the test of time, and as he became known, old blue eyes certainly knew how to work the stage and keep the crowds coming back for more. His set was punctuated with his unforgettable raucous comedy, then swept swiftly back to the most heart-wrenching ballads. Elvis may have been a King, but Sinatra was the King of the Las Vegas strip.

Lady Gaga

Another larger-than-life icon made waves when she took her Enigma tour to Vegas. Her show opened on the 28th of December 2018, and this unique artist is still wowing crowds as she continues to play dates throughout 2022. Of course, everything stopped for Covid, but things are now back in full swing, and fans can still head over to Sin City to see her play.

Celine Dion

One of the most prolific stars to take to the stage in Vegas, Celine Dion had over 1140 shows before her health forced her to take a break in 2019. Her first show was in 2003, and there was some doubt that she had what it took to keep the audience coming back for more. She certainly proved them wrong, and her shows are regularly sold out. Her stage presence is on par with Elvis, and she has set her place in the Vegas history books forever.

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