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Where Can You Spend Bitcoin? 3 Different Ways to Use Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin used to be something you could really only spend on out of the way online websites, but as bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency become more and more popular in the world, you can actually buy and spend bitcoin a lot easier than you used to.

Plus, while many smaller online stores and shops are still the primary people who accept bitcoin, many bigger retailers and organizations are starting to add cryptocurrency to their accepted forms of payment as well.

So here are some of the places where you can spend bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well, and some of them might surprise you.

Online Shopping

If you see something you want on online shops such as Etsy or Shopify, you can either buy the item you want with cash or you can use bitcoin to make the payment. In the case of Shopify they directly accept bitcoin as a payment method whenever you are checking out of the store, but for Etsy you will need to work around the fact that they don’t directly accept bitcoin.

While Etsy doesn’t discourage users from buying and selling with bitcoin there are some extra steps you will need to take into account when using bitcoin on the platform. As a buyer you will need to either make direct wallet to wallet payment with the seller of the item, or make a peer to peer transaction. 

As a seller, you will simply need to go into your settings and create a crypto wallet, and then go to your settings. Click on enable manual payment methods, and then switch on the ‘other’ option. After that you can do wallet to wallet transactions with your Etsy account.

Online Gambling, e.g. Roulette

Of course, there are countless online casinos that thrive on crypto payments, and as long as you make sure that the online casino you are using is legitimate, then you can make payments and gamble away with your cryptocurrency. Games like the slots, poker, blackjack, and even roulette can be played and bet on with bitcoin rather than real money.

The rules are the same and only the method of payment has changed, and you can play a game like Bitcoin roulette without having to spend a cent of real money to do so. It kinda makes you want to start spinning that wheel a bit more, doesn’t it?

On Travel

Yep, believe it or not you can spend bitcoin on travel! Websites such as Travel and Expedia will accept bitcoin to help you travel from place to place, and you can spend your crypto just like you spend real money on airline tickets. Plus, you can also get discounts and loyalty points too, which can be very helpful as well.

Additionally, even Virgin Galactic is accepting bitcoin payments for future tickets to space and for space tourism. So you might want to save your bitcoin up because you might find yourself using it to travel to the moon, Mars, or maybe even further into the stars.

Bitcoin Can Be Spent In A Lot Of Places, And The List Is Growing!

As cryptocurrency becomes more and more mainstream and takes its place alongside the traditional forms of money, then you might find that the various websites you spend normal money on, and the sites you spend bitcoin on, might just become one and the same!

So practice spending and saving your bitcoin now, and then you might find that you will have a lot to spend, and a lot of places to spend it!


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