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Where to Play Keno & Bingo in London

Unfortunately, keno has not attained any sizable traction in the UK, so it lacks a dedicated fan base in Britain. Outside of online real money keno websites, there is virtually no way to enjoy this casual and engaging gambling pick. No public draws get organized, and no establishments feature it, even in video form. Primarily, venue keno with sizable rewards gets reserved for gaming spots in Nevada (Vegas) due to this US state’s specific laws. In other regions, it is only available at locales as a method to help raise funds for charitable organizations.

So, since keno is essentially unavailable for land-based play in the Big Smoke, here are the top five bingo choices for lottery enthusiasts to enjoy with friends in London. Bingo bears many similarities with keno, and the chief distinction between the two is that in bingo, gamblers must form line number patterns on their cards to win prizes.

1. Dabbers Social Bingo

The top lotto-style gaming pick for those who don’t want to play keno online for real money in London is Dabbers Social Bingo, on 18 – 22 Houndsditch, a three-minute walk from 30 St Mary Axe. It is open every day of the week, except Mondays, running various themed bingo games. The property is available for rent, for private events, with its staff helping renters throw together terrific lotto outings for up to one hundred and sixty guests in this locale’s hall, equipped with a bar and street-side terrace. It is an excellent destination for after-work office parties.

2. MERKUR Bingo Cricklewood

In the subheading above, the top non-keno lottery choice got mentioned, according to many fans of this gambling genre. Here, likely the most massive one gets presented. The MERKUR Bingo Cricklewood venue can facilitate bingo entertainment for up to two thousand and seven hundred players. The complex, found on 200 Cricklewood Broadway, has two restaurants, three bars, and a sizable smoking area. Its games can payout prizes up to £100,000, which is quite impressive. MERKUR Bingo Cricklewood is open twenty-four hours, Monday to Sunday. Ticket prices here get divided for main sessions and different games. The venue runs special promotions, and visitors get advised that they should arrive at least twenty minutes before a draw gets underway here.

3. Hijingo Bingo

Many of the stuff you should know about keno online also apply to land-based bingo, and they can be put to use at Hijingo Bingo. This spot, located at 90 Worship St, is open from Tuesday to Sunday from around mid-day till midnight. Note that different working hours apply for each day. It is probably the most stylish joint on this list, boasting two bars, a dance floor, and an award-winning Asian menu inspired by street food vendors. It is ideal for parties of around eighty guests that get six chances to win prizes in Hijingo Bingo’s games. The site has two 3×3-meter mirrored screens with stadium-grade surround sound, making it perfect for modern, interactive, high-end lottery-style fun.

4. Apple Bingo

Apple Bingo is an independent bingo hall in Sydenham, at 291 Kirkdale. It is famous for its family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. It closes its doors at 11 PM daily and opens them at 11 AM every day, except for Sundays, when it starts greeting patrons at 4 PM. The main reason to play here is the frequent half-price same-prize money deal Apple Bingo runs regularly. It should also be stated that electronic bingo terminals are a thing here, with gameplay similar to keno online casino action.

5. Buzz Bingo and The Slots Room Stratford

Buzz Bingo is the biggest chain of bingo clubs in Britain. One of their premium London franchise destinations is on 341-351 High St. It offers touchscreen and paper ticket prices, starting from just £5. Players can add main event games for £1 – £2. The jackpots at Stratford’s Buzz Bingo room go up to £50,000 in Main Event sessions, and the fantastic food menu only adds to this establishment’s appeal.

Is Keno The Same as The Lottery?

Keno is a version of the lottery. 

What is a lottery? It is a gambling game that involves a random draw. One of its most famous iterations is keno, a gaming option with roots that date back to ancient China. It is now quite popular in the US and Australia, and what people in other parts of the world often don’t realize is that when they partake in a nationwide lotto draw, most of the time, it is a keno one.

How to spot a keno draw? It is any game where players pick a set of numbers from a specific range. And, depending on how many of their selections correspond to those drawn, they win an appropriate prize. The standard version involves eighty balls, but forty-ball games exist, as do ones offering even a higher win probability.

This article was written in collaboration with real money casino experts.


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