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Don’t Get Stung When Playing Online Casino Games

There may come a time when you decide to sign up to one of the thousands of online casinos that are available these days, but before you do, it would be advisable for you to read through and digest the information below to ensure you get the maximum playing value.

What I will be doing in this guide is giving you a deep insight into which are the best casino games to play, and explaining why.

Card games can be exciting to play in any playing environment, however, each game will come with a different playing structure, and ultimately they will have their own set of rules and paybacks.

By far and away the very best casino card games to play are some of the many different Blackjack game variants, for whilst those games are games of chance, there is an element of skill associated with them, as players do have to make betting and playing decisions as they play each hand.

Look out for the variants that have the lowest possible house edge as they offer the best playing value, and for reference, it is often the single-deck games that offer the best paybacks, also, you will be best advised to learn how to play such games perfectly too.

One way to do so is to get a Blackjack strategy card, on which are printed the betting and playing decisions you should make when you have been dealt out any pair of cards when faced with any Dealers up-card.

Moving onto any type of card game, that being Video Poker, you will quickly discover a plethora of different variants of that game, all of which will have their own unique pay tables, which show you just how much you stand to win when forming any high valued hand.

Video Poker is another game that requires players to make some playing decisions, the main one being which cards to hold once they have been dealt out their first five initial playing cards, and those they do not hold in place are discarded and new ones dealt out of the deck to replace them.

The only way you are going to have a much greater chance of winning when playing any variant is by initially locating the ones which have the highest long-term expected payout percentage and then using the best playing strategy.

The payout percentages of each game will be published on most casino websites, so that information is easy to locate, and as far as playing with the best strategy, look out for the casinos that have an auto-hold option setting attached to their Video Poker games.

By turning that setting on, once you have been dealt out your initial five playing cards, the casino software automatically and instantly holds the best cards for you, based on the best strategy for the variant you are playing.

Moving onto the largest category of casino games that you will find available at any casino site, that being Slot Machines, as you are going to be spoiled for choice as to just which slots you can play online, you really do need to spend some time discovering which ones are the best ones to play.

I would advise you to stay away from playing progressive slot games, especially those that have huge jackpots attached to them, for when playing such games a smaller percentage of your stake money is being fed into the jackpot pools, so you are in fact paying for those jackpots, which in all likelihood you are never going to win.

Both Video and Classic Slots are exciting to play, and you may have a preference for one or the other, however, at the end of the day, any slot machine is only going to be worth playing if its long-term expected payout percentage is high in value.

Therefore make sure that above everything else when you are playing slot machines online or for that matter when playing them on a mobile device or even in a land-based casino, you stick to playing only those that have a certified payout percentage of over 96%, something you’ll find at any of the 200+ casinos and their sister sites listed here.

Play any slot with a lower figure and you will often find your bankroll gets eaten away rather quickly and that is something no slot player should have to experience.

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