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Top Hobbies to Get You Outside

There are plenty of different hobbies that are available to try. Some are primarily practiced indoors, while others are going to enable you to get out into the open air. If it is this latter category that you are looking to enjoy, the following blog post will give you some top tips to help you out. Ultimately, any one of these hobbies may be what you decide to engage in.


Hiking is a great hobby as it is relatively inexpensive once you have purchased a decent pair of shoes and some proper clothing. You have endless options out there for places that you can go to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, you have the chance to make it as easy or as challenging of a hike as you would like. At the same time, it can also be a solo pursuit that acts as something that provides a sense of mindfulness. Equally, it can also be a social endeavor that you take part in with one other person or an entire group, if that’s something you prefer.


Another potential hobby that you can engage in that will get you outdoors is shooting. There are all sorts of different options. You could look into hitting targets, such as clay pigeons, or you might prefer to go hunting. You could check out purchasing a glock 80% lower to build your own firearm for your shooting adventures.

Rock Climbing or Bouldering

If you are looking for an outdoor hobby that comes with a greater sense of thrill, there is no doubt that rock climbing or bouldering can bring this and more. Of course, it is a physically demanding choice, but a lot of people find that there is an addictive nature to it that is simply impossible to resist. Plus, there is also the option to make it as easy or challenging as you would like as you gradually start to increase the difficulty level as you become more skilled.

Horseback Riding

Many people take up horseback riding when they are younger, but it is simply not a hobby that is regularly engaged with later in life. However, horseback riding is worth trying, as you never really know how much you might enjoy it. Horses are amazing creatures who offer affection and intelligence to their keepers, and the hobby of caring for them and riding them truly is an enriching experience. For many, horses and horse riding becomes a way of life, especially those who fall in love with it.

Also, you don’t need to own a horse yourself to engage in this pastime. You can attend a horse riding school or club, or “rent” other people’s horses for riding. These options are great for those without the time, energy, or funds to be able to own and care for a horse of their own.


If you would like to get out into the great outdoors for a sustained period, camping could be the type of pursuit that can provide you with this option. Plus, it’s a great way to be social, get back to nature, and escape the chaos of the working world and city life.

All of these different hobbies will definitely get you outside, and there is no limit to how many you engage with. There here are several that fit easily alongside one another and can easily go hand in hand.

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