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5 Trendiest Side Hustle Ideas With Almost No Investment

Who doesn’t love some extra income that can help to ease your monetary burdens? The good news is you don’t need a heavy investment or have to leave your job for it. So, keep reading, as here are the five trendiest side hustle ideas with almost no investment.

The past two years have witnessed a massive incline towards side income due to work-from-home culture and technological advancements in the digital world. As everyone can connect easily, these side hustles have become very effortless. So, utilizing your extra time to start in zero investment side hustles is a great idea.

Here are some of the trendiest options.


Blogging is the new age side hustle that represents your passion and knowledge. Well, think of something you’re good at? Like fashion, books, football knowledge etc. For example, you can provide your audience with NFL expert picks so bettors can use the information to analyze the outcomes.

Create a blogging website, and connect to the target audience through social media. You can monetise it with advertorials, sponsored content and affiliate marketing. You can vlog with some interesting videos, and gradually this will be the best side hustle you will enjoy and has a negligible investment.


Freelancing platforms have become one-stop for displaying your expertise. Whether you love to write, code, design, do makeup or anything, you will find a platform for yourself. For example, Fiverr and Upwork are excellent choices for content writers. With the help of time management tips for remote workers, you can extract extra time to freelance. Create your profiles, share your gigs, and gradually good projects will come your way.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a very vast field where anyone can contribute something to someone. You can teach young kids to adults about anything. Virtual gadgets have made anything possible, whether it is academics, writing, fitness routines, dance, or coding.

You can connect with home tutoring companies actively looking for skilled people. Also, you can start your YouTube channel. As you progress, gradually, you can arrange offline meetings and many interactive sessions with your students.

Hosting Foreign Students

Many international students visit the country to complete their education. Help them to find a loving home in a foreign country. You can advertise your vacancy online in foreign student organizations and exchanges if you have a spare room.

If you have an extra room, re-adjust it with a decent bed, table and necessities. Also, providing meals is your personal choice. You can make £150 or more weekly according to your services and amenities.

Finally – Provide Pet Solutions

Pet parents constantly look for daycare and pet solutions if they’re planning to travel or in case of emergencies. You can start a side hustle of dog walking with pet care and gradually bring complete pet care solutions. If you love those adorable furry friends, this is your great hustle. You can create a zone for pets in your extra room and advertise your services online and offline.

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