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Top Playing Tips When Attending a Fun Casino Night

As you may be aware, Phoenix FM hosted a Fun Casino Night even on the 17th of June 2022, and if you are attending a similar event in the future, I had a long chat with the founder of the website, and asked him if he has any casino game playing hints and tips he is prepared to share with those attending such events.

Well, he certainly enlightened me on how certain games should be played to give players an increased chance of winning, and with that in mind I will now pass those playing tips onto you.


When playing casino card games such as Blackjack it is worth noting that ultimately it will be the playing and betting decisions a player makes during each hand, that will determine just what their winning chances will be.

For example, Insurance is offered when there is a chance the Dealer may have a Blackjack hand, and when a player places that bet, they must place a side bet worth half of their initial hands value, and if the Dealer does have a Blackjack, then that Insurance side bet pays out at odds of 2 to 1.

However, the house edge on that wager is much higher than the base game, and as such over time players are expected to lose when placing it. and with that in mind the savviest way to play Blackjack games is to refuse that bet when it is offered to you, otherwise it will eat away at your chip stack over the long term.

If you are dealt out a pair of Ace cards in your initial hand when playing Blackjack, the best strategy to use with that hand is to Split them.

That will entail the Dealer separating those two Aces into two hands, and you having to place a second wager equal to your initial hand on the new hand formed. So, if you do attend a Fun Casino Night event and choose to give the Blackjack game a try and are dealt out a pair of Ace cards make sure you always split them.

One final top tip for playing Blackjack is in regard to how to play a pair of 10 valued playing cards, you may be offered the chance of splitting them much like you will be with a pair of Aces, however, be aware that perfect playing strategy will call for you to stand those types of hands at all times, so never split any pair of 10 valued cards.


Roulette can be a fun and exciting game to play, but for some people that game can be quite intimidating, for there are lots of different betting opportunities, spread over the betting layout.

Some players can get carried away when playing and will simply place their chips all over the betting layout in the hope that one of the numbers they have bet on spins in, which is as good a system as any I suppose.

However, if you want to play conservatively, consider placing any of the even money paying bets such as the Red or Black, Odd or Even of High or Low bets, and place low valued wagers on them.

By doing so you will get a much longer playing session, if you ensure you do not place too a large a bet. But for a boom or bust type of session, pick out some of the individual numbers to bet on and with some luck in playing you could be lucky enough to see some of your chosen numbers spinning in, and with those bets paying off at odds of 35 to 1, your chip stake could soon become huge in size.

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