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Cisco certifications are an indispensable requirement for networking, network security, and operations. Cisco Systems offer several certifications, but the primary ones are CCDA/CCNA for associates, CCDP/CCNP for professionals, and CCDE/CCIE for experts. 

Several online courses on the topics mentioned above are available all over the internet. Among them, Cisco Certified expert Orhan Ergun stands out for a couple of reasons. It is a complete platform where you get unlimited access to instructor-led training, self-paced courses, and training courses on important IT topics that will prepare you for Cisco certifications. 

Here’s what you can expect from Orhan Ergun’s website. 

What is is a comprehensive one-stop solution for IT courses. The platform is run by Orhan Ergun, a CCDE trainer by profession with several years of experience. In addition, Ergun is also an author of two very successful books, CCDE In-depth and Service Provider Network. 

This IT solution platform has several outstanding features that make it a top choice for experts and professionals in the networking industry. 

Reasons that make a top choice for experts in Cisco certification courses has an extensive collection of IT courses on its platform, which makes it a hot destination for those seeking expert advice on Cisco and other networking topics. In addition, the IT topics and courses are also covered by trainers and experts in the industry, including several ones from Orhan Ergun.

Features available on the platform are:

Self-paced courses

At, self-paced courses are one of the most popular IT courses that are highly sought after. Several important topics are covered in the self-paced courses, including:

  • Service provider training 
  • Cisco CCDE v3 training
  • Network Design Fundamentals Course 
  • Segment Routing training 
  • OSPF Training
  • Layer 2 Network Design Training
  • VPN Training 
  • Cisco SDA Training 
  • IP and MPLS Multicast Training

All the above-mentioned courses come with hours of in-depth video tutorials by Orhan Ergun and other top experts in the industry. In addition, most of the self-paced courses have a practical workbook prepared by Ergun, so expect quizzes, and answer questions that simulate a practical CCDE situation. 

Instructor-Led Training 

This category of courses is also similar to the self-paced courses, so you can download the materials and study at your own pace and time. The live online classes are taught by Orhan Ergun and are usually free of cost. 

Several other courses on important IT topics are available, which you can access by clicking the ‘courses’ tab next to the ‘home’ at the top of the page. You can also filter the courses by technology, level, instructors, price, and vendor, which is fantastic. 

Bootcamps has another feature called boot camps. Under this category, about 80 topics and courses are available, and some of the popular ones are:

  • Cisco Datacenter Networking Fundamentals 
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Course
  • CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert) v3.0
  • Cisco IOS-XR Zero to Hero Course
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Course
  • CCNP ENARSI 300-410
  • PMP Certification Exam Preparation Course

As the name suggests, Bootcamp courses are highly condensed programs on the topics and are covered by Orhan Ergun and other expert instructors. 

Similar to the standard courses, you can filter the Bootcamp courses by technology, instructors, and so on. 

Lab and rental service also has lab and rack rental services that are considered among the best in the industry. It covers:

  • CCIE Service Provider rack rental 
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure rack rental 
  • EVE-NG Hosted rack rental 
  • SD-WAN rack rental 
  • MPLS rack rental 
  • Cisco SD-Access Rack Rental Silver, Gold and Platinum plans 

Depending on the plan and package, the lab/rack rental service gives you access to rack rental, self-paced course, and/or group study participation, which can be very invaluable. 

You will have access to server support for server rentals, Orhan’s configuration files/labs, lab workbook, EVE-NG simulator, and support in Orhan’s study group. Some packages of in-server rentals also come with 20core CPU and 64GM RAM. 


Orhan Ergun’s site also has a handful of books where you can get additional knowledge on several topics. The book titles are:

  • CCDE In-depth Study Guide: This is a book by Orhan Ergun and is a workbook/ practical guide for those seeking to clear the CCDE written exam. This in-depth book on CCDE covers case studies, blueprint topics, and practical lab scenarios that you will find indispensable for passing the practical exam. 
  • Service Provider Networks: This is another book by Orhan and has a comprehensive explanation of the technicalities of the service providers’ network, the type of network, and so on. Ergun also dedicates a section to evolving technologies in the service provider networks and scale datacenters. 
  • Segment Routing Workbook: Another excellent workbook that covers practical and theoretical aspects of segment routing. If you are interested in understanding, verifying, deploying, and troubleshooting segment routing networks, this book is definitely worth a checkout. 

Other resources

Orhan Ergun also has extensive knowledge of networking and IT topics, which he shares through his blogs. The blog topics include network design, service providers, multicast, BGP, IGP, and many more. 

Ergun also provides a list of CCDEs available all over the world on the website.


Cisco Certified Expert Orhan Ergun’s site is an excellent platform for beginners as well as experts. The site has multiple courses that extensively cover the topics in networking and everything related to CCDE and more. 

The courses are in-depth and informative, and the videos by Orhan Ergun and his colleagues are very well made and professionally presented. The study materials and the practical workbooks, in particular, are easy to understand and exceptionally helpful for theoretical and practical scenarios. 

The informative blog topics by Orhan Ergun will also help you gather invaluable tips for exams and in the practical field. In addition, the books and the resources on the site will also come handy when you need a reference.

Overall, is an outstanding platform to check out if you are interested in CCDE or anything related to networking and Cisco certifications. 


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