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7 Signs You Need a College Tutor

College is an exciting time in our lives, but it has its challenges. Collegians sometimes struggle with their academics, given the complexity of some courses. However, the bigger problem is most people are afraid to admit they need help when they are struggling. Getting good grades consistently in college can be challenging because sometimes you encounter concepts that are a little beyond your initial comprehension. Furthermore, your classmates might be grasping the concepts you are struggling with, and that’s when it’s safe to admit you might need some extra assistance.

Tutoring is a great place to start, but it is often misunderstood. Hiring a tutor does not signify incompetence but the willingness to utilize the resources available to reach your academic goals. Here are some signs that indicate you might need academic coaching.

Your Grades Are Stagnant or Slipping

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As a college student, the path of your academics should involve gradual improvement. When you note your grades have stagnated or even dropped after putting in the work, it might be time to consider tutoring. Delaying the decision to acquire a tutor can lead to your grades slipping further, making recovery even more difficult.

You’re Spending Excess Time on One Topic

Some topics are more challenging than others; however, there is an extreme whereby you might find yourself spending too much time on one subject. It can be when you’re completing assignments or just studying, and it’s a major sign you might need extra support with a specific unit/topic/subject.

It’s crucial to recognize when you need to switch gears or seek additional help to ensure you are making efficient use of your study time. Many students, particularly those in rigorous programs like law, also often turn to bar exam prep courses to streamline their study efforts and focus on the most challenging content. Regardless of your specific program or major, ensure you are optimizing your study time and seeking help when needed.

Developing Resentment Towards Specific Subjects

Do you find yourself already resenting a specific subject in school? Are you often nervous about a particular class or that the professor will randomly pick you to answer a question? If so, then you might be harboring some resentment for a class. Academics can present some challenges but if you ever find yourself hating a subject, know that you might need some help. Tutoring can help you change your perception.


You Know that voice in your head that says, “I’ll do this later?” You shouldn’t make a habit of listening to it. Sometimes, you might have an assignment to complete, but you feel like postponing the task since the deadline isn’t close.

Students often procrastinate when there is no rush to complete schoolwork. But sometimes, the real reason is that they don’t want to face a specific assignment, so they put it off until the deadline gets closer. These are also the students who might have to seek essay writing help to beat their deadlines.

Procrastination is a dangerous habit to develop, especially in college, where the workload is more intense. So, when you feel a specific class is causing you to postpone schoolwork, it’s better to face it head-on with the help of tutoring.

You Are Behind on the Basics

Each subject has the basics that you need to understand because they apply even as you advance. So, if you have gaps in knowledge of some of these basics, you might find yourself struggling in classes. If you always feel left behind when professors are teaching in class, you may need to brush up on some basic concepts.

Tutoring is a great way to catch up with the others, especially during summer break. A good tutor can help you understand different concepts by providing reliable explanations and moving at a pace with which you are comfortable.

You’re Making Excuses to Avoid School

College can be intimidating, and some students get overwhelmed by the academic side. When you’re struggling with your classes, you might find excuses to skip school for a few days, such as ‘feeling under the weather’ even when you’re not.

If this is something you do, then understand that sooner or later, you will have to face your academic requirements. A better approach to overcoming intimidating subjects is to face them head-on, and tutoring is a good place to start.

You Have Missed a Lot of School Work

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Different situations in life can cause you to miss a large part of your learning, for example, financial issues, pregnancy, ailment, and others. In such cases, you might miss a lot of school work that you have to catch up on to fulfill your academic requirements. Tutoring can make the catching-up process easier.

Final Thoughts

Never be afraid to seek help when you realize you genuinely need it. Tutoring can help you build your confidence in specific subjects even after a tough semester. The above signs should help identify whether you might need the services of an academic coach. If you realize you might need one, remember, we all need help at some point.


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