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Cannabis Business Marketing: Where to Start

Many entrepreneurs looking to join the lucrative cannabis industry, often find themselves wondering how cannabis businesses can market themselves.  Such people need to understand the operating procedures for cannabis business. There are many options and it is easy to get lost in them, however, if you’re not careful, you can market your company incorrectly which can lead to failure. Not to worry though, because this article will look at some proven strategies that have been successful for other businesses in the cannabis industry. It’s also worth noting that 100% legalization has not reached many countries yet which can make marketing difficult. If the law is not a problem in your region, here is how you can market legally.

Create an online store

The world seems to be headed down a more digitized path and the internet is the center of this revolution. Billions of people across the world have access to the internet and spend time on it every day. So as a business, you must market your products and services in the digital space. A great idea is to have an online store that will allow customers to learn more about your business as well as shop for any products. The best brands in the business, like Molino Glass for example which sells quality bongs that you can see here, use their online stores to spread the word about their promotions and discounts which is guaranteed to attract sales. Many people are searching for marijuana online now because the internet is convenient, portable, and accessible. This should be used to your advantage because you can reach a much wider audience online.

Try guest posts

Another option is to write guest posts. This can be in websites, blogs, magazines, or newsletters that are pro-cannabis. Writing a guest post is a way for you to control your narrative and inform the audience about cannabis and all the medical benefits of consumption. You can talk about consumption methods as well as introduce the audience to your products or services. This is an effective form of marketing because the publication that you partner with will already have a loyal audience. Overall, writing guest posts is an effective way to get your business out there and attract new customers. Additionally, you will be educating the audience about cannabis which will help further lift the stigma.

Provide useful information

As much as legalization is spreading and the stigma is fading, many people are still in the dark about marijuana. With that in mind, it is good to be educational and inform your audience about the health benefits, consumption methods, accessories, etc. Furthermore, you can educate your audience about which consumption methods are healthy and which should be avoided. You can also introduce the audience to medical marijuana and what they need to know regarding dosage etc.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is by far one of the most powerful tools for marketing in this day and age. Many businesses effectively use this app to reach a massive audience and there are many options to market organically or through paid ads, sponsored posts, and influencer marketing. There are limitations to keep in mind when advertising cannabis on social media, for example, you are not allowed to advertise someone smoking a bong or any other form of consumption because there are children who use these apps. You can however post educational content and introduce your products and or service to your desired audience. Social media platforms such as Instagram, are highly favored by business owners and brands because this app has a massive audience which is potential customers at your fingertips. It’s also very affordable to advertise on Instagram.

Understand the laws

As a business, you must know the different laws concerning cannabis and advertising. According to cannabis laws, it is still considered illegal to advertise the actual cannabis product so you need to be clever. Instead of advertising a joint for example, you can just advertise the name of the store in a way that creates intrigue and draws people in.

We cannot deny that cannabis is rapidly growing and becoming one of the most popular recreational and medical substances. This is a lucrative industry and if you are an entrepreneur looking to get in on the action, you should consider the marketing methods mentioned in this article to help propel your business forward.

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