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Sharing happiness all over the world one bag charm at a time with Asami Yamagishi

“Mille Heureux” is derived from a French word that has a meaning “a thousand happinesses”. It is my aim to contribute to people’s happiness. It has been twelve years since I have started
my initiative with that in mind.

Mille Heureux is a charm shop that utilized the designs of costumes, wedding dresses and uniforms worn at ballet and concerts and turn them into a small bag charm. How fun would it be if the costumes that vividly colour our lives could always be with us in a small bag charm!

Meet Asami Yamagishi, a founder of Mille Heureux LLC and an inventor of a trademarked tiny bag charm “CucuCharm”.

Born in Obihiro City, Hokkaido, after leaving the Architect company she started, with knowledge in designs and passion Asami became one of the well known craft maker and a designer of small cloth accessory, trade marked CucuCharm.

While operating on her online store and social media where you can find most of her products, in 2019 Asami also began teaching people how to make their own tiny cloth accessory, CucuCharm.

Since then her workshop has been popular amongst people from many different backgrounds.

Whatʼs special about Asamiʼs initiative is that she turns special moments into lasting memory and happiness for her clients.

Asami said:

“We all have moments such as weddings, ballet performances or when our beloved children were born. We live our lives through so many moments.

“Whether days with tears of joy or days with tears of happiness, how wonderful would it be to share those memories as important moments to cherish.

“Our items whether big or small are physical manifestation of that experience. It is for those who are important to us who we wish to cheer and to see smile.”

When asked what has been the hardships you had to over come, Asami said:

“I’m proud of the product name I have trade marked and the craft I have invented, but if many people donʼt see your products, people won’t have a chance to see it. That is why I do my best
to keep my fans updated on social media.

“Also in the beginning I was not good at dressmaking and my knowledge was low, but I applied my architectural structural skills to and created cloth accessories that are very particular when
it comes to its perspective and how realistic it looks.

“The third hardship was that Business trips to central cities, such as events and exhibitions of works, required a lot of money and physical strength, and it was one of my biggest worry, but
due to the current environment I think the change in people’s minds related to work from home gave me an opportunity to do creative work from my local town by providing people with online
workshops and training, which is not limited to face-to-face.”

Asami continued:

“Being able to connect to the Internet means that it is possible to provide our items and launch workshops not only to domestic areas but also to our fans worldwide.

“The way we operate online is by having our customers send us the image of the costume they want to make via our homepage or Gmail. And we make CucuCharm®, tiny cloth bag charm
based from the image our customers send.

“For those who want to experience the making of CucuCharm, a tiny cloth bag charm, we are now preparing a training kit where you can experience the making of CucuCharm®.

“I believe that this initiative can be an initiative that can make everyone smile beyond the country, language, gender, and beyond many more differences.

“It can be enjoyed not only by women but also by men, and also by people of all ages.”

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