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A guide to the top slots of 2021

The online casino industry has seen incredible growth over the past decade, with tens of millions of people across the world getting involved every year.

While headline games such as poker and roulette are what many people’s minds will go to when thinking about online casinos, it is actually the slot games that have some of the biggest player bases.

Part of the appeal of slots comes from their simplicity; there is no real skill involved, it’s mainly luck, plus they can have huge jackpots for relatively little investment.

Not only that, but the growth of online slot games has nurtured the growth of engaging and interactive features that make the overall experience of playing slots more enjoyable.

Suppliers are constantly innovating new ways to make slot games more appealing. Slots by, for example, collates the best slot games available and offers up demos, so punters can get a feel for which games they like before committing. The site also does all the hard work for the player by showing the top slot providers with the best bonuses and promotions for players to redeem when playing slot games.

Slot games often have tie-ins to popular television shows or movies in a bid to attract fans of those franchises, while also including interactive material from them, such as video clips and voiceovers.

With that mind, here are some of the standout slot games you can find in 2021.

Starburst XXXtreme

This is the much-anticipated sequel to Starburst, the most successful online slot game of all time, which was released earlier this year. Developers NetEnt did not tinker too much with their winning formula – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it – but instead focused on supplementing it with new features.

Keeping much of the simplicity and excitement of the original, Starburst XXXtreme also offers huge pay-outs.

These usually come from landing the Wild, which comes in the form of a star, and has a maximum multiplier of 150x.

Overall, this popular slot game can pay up to 200,000x your bet. The maximum stake is £50, meaning you could potentially win an eye-watering £10,000,000.

Mega Moolah

Although it was released way back in 2006, Mega Moolah has remained one of the most popular online slot games year-on-year, including in 2021.

Part of its appeal is the jungle aesthetic and theme, with fun animal symbols, and Mega Moolah is also well known for its generous promotions and offers.

However, where it truly stands out is with its frankly bonkers progressive jackpot, which is when the potential amount of winnings is increased every time the game is played but the jackpot is not won.

In 2015, the highest payout in online slot game history occurred on Mega Moolah when somebody won a whopping £13,209,300. In 2020, eight separate jackpots were won on the game which came to a total of £20m.

Blood Suckers

Like Starburst, this slot game is developed by NetEnt and the reason it stands out is because of its RTP (Return To Player) percentage, which stands at 98%.

That’s a figure that sits above almost all other slot games in the market, and Blood Suckers backs that up with a fun and exciting format.

The vampire theme might not be for everyone, but it certainly marks this game out from others, and it’s fully embraced by NetEnt, who constantly update the game with new features.

Blood Suckers works on a 5 reel by 25 pay line, with the minimum stake being 25p and the maximum £50. Like other top online slot games, this one has plenty of free spin features to uncover, as well as hugely rewarding multipliers.



Bonanza is one of the most memorable online slot games you’ll come across, with a theme and structure that is hard to describe in words – it really is better experienced first-hand.

This game has been so successful that its mechanics were franchised and sold out to other developers – this mechanic is known as a Megaways slot and is now used by many other games on the market.

This features a mind-boggling 117,649 pay line slot, plus you can stake up to £500, meaning there is an enormous range of outcomes on your spins, with enticing jackpots.

With a 96% RTP and the Megaways slot, Bonanza provides excellent opportunities to make serious winnings, which is why it’s a good idea to take advantage of the various free spin offers that are often available.

Book of Dead

What started out as not much more than a clone of the Book of Ra game has now evolved into one of the most immersive and popular online slot games available.

The game features industry-leading artwork and centres around the exploration of an Egyptian temple, with an excellent soundtrack to boot.

Book of Dead also has a mini-game feature, which mixes things up and provides you with a chance to double your winnings – though you could risk losing them altogether.

Online slot games

There are countless online slot games available to play right now, all with different themes, tie-ins, and features, meaning that there is likely to be something for everyone.

The good news for consumers is that all of these games provide offers and promotions to new players, usually in the form of free spins. If you utilise these properly, you can experience these exciting games for free.

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