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Top Public Sector Jobs For People With a Master’s Degree

After completing your degree studies, it can be challenging to know what path to take. However, the benefit of studying at this level means you have plenty of opportunities to explore, in particular in the public sector. Whether you work at a local level or Federal level, a master’s degree is the ideal foundation for a wide variety of jobs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top public sector jobs to consider:

Public Administration

This field covers an extensive area, including departments such as logistics, policy, and information systems. It typically involves working on projects from the research stage through to implementation. It may require specialisms in specific fields to undertake the work. For this type of role, a master’s is generally required. However, some public servants take an online public administration degree alongside full-time work to enhance their qualifications and experience.

Tax and Finance fields

The finance and tax sector within the public sector opens up a wide selection of jobs. You can delve into areas such as auditing, tax collection, and financial reporting alongside other routes. These jobs are sought after in local, state, and Federal governments. Plus, many other external public sector organizations. For these roles, you need a degree-level education and, in some cases, further financial or taxation qualifications to move up in your career.

City officials and managers

Much like the responsibilities of a CEO in a private firm, a city official or manager oversees the running of all public sector departments within their remit. These individuals are elected into the role and work on behalf of the government for towns or cities. This role is varied and covers everything from managing teams to ensuring budgets are adhered to across the organization.


Analysts work throughout the public sector in a wide selection of departments. For example, this role might cover budget analysis, security analysis, or policy analysis. To enter this type of job, a specialism in the area is typically required. Analysts examine data and find solutions to problems within departments. There is also a responsibility to forecast future trends and potentially aid officials in drafting legislation based on findings and information.

International Aid and Development roles

Alongside running local and state-level departments, international positions are also available. The collaboration of governments around the world ensures global issues are addressed and aid is sent in times of need. Within this type of job, you will travel extensively and use your experience to assess situations. Close collaboration is also a key area, and public sector organizations work alongside local departments to address vital problems.

There are many benefits of working within the public sector. When you have a degree education, the opportunities are abundant and can take you down a variety of pathways. If you don’t have a master’s degree at the moment, it’s the perfect time to consider it for improved job prospects. You could even study alongside your job to gain experience and continue earning while you learn.

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