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Celebs That Love Playing Bingo

Bingo is a game played throughout the world that has mass allure. Its origin can be traced back to a lotto game from Italy created in 1530. The appeal of Bingo is broad, and individuals from varying backgrounds and all walks of life have been known to enjoy a bingo game or two. The game is enjoyed by both the young and the old, even though newer types of Bingo, for example, rave Bingo, have alienated many bingo traditionalists. 

Bingo is considered the most sociable gambling game, and surprisingly, the social component is still present online. Keep reading to learn which celebrities love to play bingo and what they love about the gambling game. Take a look, you might find that you have something in common with these bingo-loving celebrities!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Maybe one of the most notable lovers of Bingo, Catherine Zeta-Jones, effortlessly made the first spot on the list. Having played the game throughout her childhood, she accepts that her love for the game stems from her childhood in Wales. Nonetheless, her love for Bingo didn’t change as she got older. Instead, reports show that the A-lister routinely holds bingo parties in her home and that she even has her own uniquely designed bingo cards, which she upgrades every Christmas. Catherine’s love for Bingo might have been a result of winning £100,000 on a night at Bingo; her parents were then able to enroll her in ballet and dance classes with that money.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the more fascinating cases is one of the world’s best footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo. When Ronaldo moved to Manchester United from Lisbon back in 2003, his English wasn’t up to the standard that was expected to speak with the then manager Alex Ferguson. To improve on this, Ronaldo turned to Bingo. At 22 years old, he was given a DVD version of the game as a gift for Christmas, which didn’t just help him with learning specific English expressions and words and prompted him to grow to love the game. Ronaldo has even described bingo as being extremely exciting to a Portuguese paper, the perfect expression of his adoration for the fun of bingo!

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams participates in various bingo events in Hollywood and the UK, often to fundraise for a noble cause like charity. While there are many rumors that the singer and his closest friends have bingo get-togethers at their homes, it’s how they use their love of the game for good causes that is truly inspiring. That said, he doesn’t always show up to charity events alone. Sources have sighted the star being accompanied by Dita Von Tease at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood for one of Williams’s many charity bingo events. This specific event was a fundraiser for a breast cancer charity. Its clear that Williamslove for bingo is at least MOSTLY about the fun of the game.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is the face of numerous things, and one of the more fascinating is online Bingo for the celebrity world. This unbelievably versatile woman can balance a busy lifestyle, from the strains of being an X-Factor judge to the necessities of being the spouse of the famous rockstar Ozzy Osbourne and also the fast-paced life of a music manager. To de-stress, Sharon has turned to her love for online Bingo. Osbourne is such an admirer of the game that she even made her online bingo website!

Kate Moss

After her marriage ended in a divorce to Jamie Hince, Kate Moss traded the Rock’ n’ Roll way of life to invest her time playing Bingo with friends on a Saturday night. Despite being a wild child in the ’90s, she has since embraced family life. Surprisingly, her commitment to her children and her friendship with Sadie Frost sees their Saturday evenings consisting of family bingo games as the model proceeds to balance parenthood and her career. There’s a lot to admire about Kate Moss, and her ability to adjust to this calmer way of life is only one of them. She sets an extraordinary example to the younger models new to the modeling scene, giving them a role model for motivation. The way that she loves Bingo is only one of many reasons why we love her!

Prince William

Believe it or not, the Royals are admirers of numerous things, and sources have confirmed that the young Prince William used to spend a lot of his free time in a  bingo hall near Sandhurst Military Academy while he was training there for his military service. Having been seen at the bingo hall on various occasions, it’s very simple to see that the Royal adores this exciting game. The Sun detailed that Prince William often uses the pseudonym ‘William Harry’ to sign up at the bingo hall and even paid £5 for a book. Unfortunately, he did not win any prizes! He loves bingo not only because its fun, but because when he plays, he feels like any regular guy.

Whether it be playing to raise money for charity, to find an activity to share with your children, to learn a new language, or even playing because it brings back good childhood memories, Bingo is simply a game that’s easy to love and enjoy. Not even the most esteemed of celebrities can fight the bingo fever. With a lot of various online bingo game choices to appreciate, from 90 ball to 75 ball bingo, there are many bingo games for everyone to enjoy, no matter your preference or reason for playing the game.

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