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Shopping For A New HP Ink Cartridge? Here Are Your Options

If your inkjet printer needs fresh ink, buying an original cartridge is a no-brainer. HP does not allow refilling, and it advises customers to use only original products. However, their price tags are disappointing, to say the least. A cartridge may cost as much as the printer itself. So, what are the alternatives?

The printer industry is a textbook example of the razor and blades business model. The cheapest printers may even be sold at a loss. The idea is that profit is generated from consumable supplies, rather than equipment. So, should you splurge on branded ink or snatch this profitable offer of hp 903xl multipack from a third-party provider? Let’s find out.

Two Cheaper Options

Two ways to replace a cartridge inexpensively are refilling and buying a compatible product. In the first case, your cartridge is remanufactured — i.e., filled with fresh ink. A reliable provider like Smart Ink may also fix some minor defects as a bonus. The result depends on the quality of ink and refilling services.

Secondly, you may purchase a replacement from another brand. Compatible cartridges are designed to emulate the original products, but they are not identical. This explains why they are not regarded as counterfeit. Both the ink and the cartridges come from the same manufacturer.

Some compatible cartridges have excellent quality. They are designed for specific models to ensure perfect compatibility. Sometimes you cannot even tell the difference between the original and compatible ink. The price is also very attractive — you can save as much as 50%! Besides, free shipping means you do not have to go anywhere for a refill.

How to Tell That Your Supplier Is Reliable

Trusted suppliers offer compatible products of certified quality. They may comply with different standards (CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, Reach, STMC). Some of the biggest providers have hundreds of thousands of customers. The following features are hallmarks of excellence:

  • The freshest version of the chip that guarantees compatibility with the original equipment, even despite firmware updates;

  • Immediate recognition;

  • High page yield;

  • Maximized volume (XL);

  • Tracking of ink level, so you know when it is time to order a replacement;

  • Testing before shipment;

  • Sustainable products that may be recycled;

  • A 2-year money-back guarantee.

Final Tip

Big brands view compatible cartridges as a threat to their business, so they come up with updates to prevent you from using them. Disabling firmware updates solves this problem.

The Bottom Line

Printer manufacturers are understandably hostile to third-party supplies. At the same time, the quality of these products has improved greatly in recent years. Today, you can find a perfectly compatible cartridge that will cost three times less and provide comparable quality.

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