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5 Ways To Spice Up Your Summer Parties

With the Covid-19 restrictions lifting, we can finally throw parties again, and what better way to kick off the party spirit than with some fun in the sun at a garden party? As we’re in the UK, though, we need to prepare for all weather as the sunshine is not guaranteed. Make sure you have some cover to avoid getting wet if the heavens decide to open as your guests arrive. Try hiring a gazebo so that you can still enjoy the outdoor aspect of a summer party without having to move it indoors if the weather goes from sunshine and blue skies to wet and cloudy. 

Welcome Sign

We’ve waited a long time to enjoy a summer party; why not charm your guests with a beautiful display as they arrive. They will feel instantly welcomed when they see this quirky addition to your party. Invest in a framed chalkboard, or transform any surface with some chalkboard paint and stand it on a small outdoor table at the entrance to your home or garden; write a jolly greeting or highlight what occasion you’re celebrating for all to see. 

If you’re going to be serving food, use an old wooden chopping board as a fancy and fun way to display what you’re cooking for your guests. Use a chalk marker to write the party menu on the board, but be careful with mistakes as the porous surface will make it difficult to remove the chalk marks. If you would prefer to use your chopping board again for other parties, attach a menu printed on a card with string to give the same effect.

Sweet Hampers

Sweet hampers don’t just make excellent gifts for friends, family or coworkers; they can also give your summer party the wow factor. Set up a sweet station at your party and have the hamper on display for your guests to enjoy the taste of their childhoods; this can also be a great addition to a party where there are children present. You can easily find all the chocolate and sweets of your dreams at If you’re having an American themed party, give your guests a chance to try some tasty treats from across the pond with their outstanding hampers filled with American candy and chocolate.


When you’re having a summer party outdoors, it’s essential that your guests are comfortable, but unlike an indoor party, gardens don’t tend to have a sumptuous sofa to nestle into. You can use cushions to give your guests the same level of comfort they would typically have indoors, and it gives your party a more elegant and luxurious vibe. Invest in cushions that are made with waterproof outdoor fabrics, or be aware of the weather if you want to use cushions you already have.

Rearrange your furniture to mirror your lounge or living room to set the scene for a more intimate affair. Centre your seating around a coffee table for a more laid-back atmosphere that will leave your guest feeling relaxed and at home. 

Lawn Games

Garden games are always a hit with guests of all ages and are a great way to inspire a little silliness as everyone settles into the party. Set up classic games around your garden space with little plaques on how to play so that they can be enjoyed at any point during your summer soiree. Great games to try are giant tumble towers, bean bag tossing to knock down bottles or even croquet; be careful to set up croquet away from where clumsy feet can trip over it, though, as no one wants an unexpected injury during a good party. These classic games will add an air of sophistication to your party, and your guests will reminisce fondly about your party for years to come.

Photo Booth

An affordable way to add the wow factor and spice up your party is with a photo booth. You can hire photo booths for any event, and they come with a host of fun accessories to make your party the talk of the town. Many companies even offer a scrapbooking service so that your guests can add their favourite photos to your book when they’re done so that you can enjoy the memories of this party digitally and physically for years. 

You don’t have to spend money to create the experience of a photo booth, though; there are plenty of ways to make your own homemade booth for your guests to enjoy. Set up a table with a spare camera or use a tripod with the camera set to a timer, and leave out some fun props for your guests to use in their photos. Silly hats, masks and cartoon styles voice boxes are great props for a home photo booth. Have frames for your guests to hold up or use an overhanging tree branch to secure frames for them to stand behind to create a fun twist on your homemade photo booth. After the party, upload or develop your photos to share with your guests. 

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