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Risk-Accepting Attitudes and Behavioural Preferences in Gambling

We all know that gambling involves a huge amount of risk that is split two ways, one being a winner and one being in ruin or losing. Despite all of that, a lot of individuals hugely spend their time playing and gambling, and it’s still a popular pastime. Research suggests that gambling as a form of risk-taking occurs within different people. It can be an indicator of risky and antisocial behaviour.

Deviance theory

According to the theory, and if you haven’t heard this observation, it connotes that all kinds of deviant behaviours have a common theme, and it is the tendency to chase immediate benefits without concern for long – term consequences. Varied forms of risk-taking behaviours tend to co-occur among individuals. It is the fast reward or relief without worries about long-term negative consequences tendencies that some people associated with gambling tend to go about. It is suggested that frequent gambling can be a component of this behaviour. How do we go about this, and how do we make sure we have the right attitude towards gambling?

Problem Gambling Severity Index

This PGSI is a system of measurement of at-risk behaviour in problem gambling. It’s a mechanism based on the common signs and symptoms of problematic gambling. There are four categories for this index:

  • non-problem gambler
  • low-risk gambler
  • moderate-risk gambler
  • problem gambler.

Keynote here is not to associate these categories with clinical diagnoses since this requires the assessment of a clinician. It’s a great guide to know where you are and if you have the right attitude in terms of doing low-risk gambling and looking out for gambling risk factors. Safe and legitimate online sites, such as the SlotsJudge will make sure you don’t run yourself into these habits and will help set you up for success in your online gambling journey. 

Gambling commission risk assessment

The Gambling commission lays down compliance health checks to make an assessment of businesses and to make sure customers are on. The checklist comprises questions to identify problem gamblers and to make sure there are systems in place for the protection and safety of the public. It’s a good indicator that the commission is keen and drills down on all these identifiers so that the public is protected.

Gender roles

Research suggests that gamblers were more likely males, older and showed a higher record of inappropriate behaviour when they were younger. It was also noted that parents of these populations had a higher proportion of gambling behaviour. As Alexandra Vasilkova, our key industry expert in online gambling, has mentioned, players have a reality of gambling as exciting and fun. You can find more information about her here. Therefore, gambling can be really addicting, especially with the young male population, and this tendency significantly increases with age.

Behavioural preferences

The difference between gamblers and non-gamblers when it comes to gambling and their reality is significant, specifically in terms of high stakes gambling, a low view of risk and the possibility of winning and getting rich easily. Also, being impulsive, seeking sensation, and low self-control were associated with problem gamblers. Anticipated regret has been suggested as an important factor when it comes to decision making. It has been argued that people who have stronger tendencies to gambling have less association with possible regret than those who have weaker tendencies. This is because those who have weaker tendencies tend to bet on safe gambling. This is a contributing factor when it comes to excessive gambling.


Most of the studies mentioned here admit that thorough research should be identified for risk accepting attitudes and behavioural preferences. Times change, and with the pandemic still happening, an increased amount of time playing online is not surprising. To have the right attitude and mindset is key to be set up for success in knowing if you’re a risk taker, but not a problem gambler.

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