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8 Tips For Remote Workers To Stay Healthy And Productive

A lot of us are working remotely especially after all the global changes and restrictions. The need for being physically and mentally healthy is greater than ever. We need to be productive as ever in a very different world.

Get Physical

Physical activity has been proven to increase concentration, improve mental health and improve our immune systems. When we are physically more active we are also more productive in our work. Make time for daily exercise. 

Find something you like doing and that is easy to fit into your daily routine. A daily walk, run or cycle is great. Anything longer than 20 minutes will improve your physical fitness. 

Get Enough Sleep

In an always-on and connected world, the first thing to suffer is sleep. Make sure to schedule your working hours during the time you are most productive like the morning and daytime. Make sure to take some time off to relax after work to switch off and get ready for bedtime. Even though working remotely gives us flexibility, try not to work late into the night.

Avoid anything like caffeine or blue light that might interfere with your sleep patterns as you get closer to bedtime. Get some blue light glasses from a reputable online glasses store as they will filter out blue light. Blue light interferes with our circadian rhythm and makes our bodies think it is still daytime. Light bulbs and electronic devices with screens can emit light in the blue spectrum and thus keep us awake even hours after going to bed. 

Coffee can be great for a boost in productivity and even has other health benefits. Just make sure to stop drinking coffee or any other caffeinated products after lunchtime. 

Schedule Time

Schedule specific times during the day for work, relaxing, exercise, and sleep. Also, make sure to take one to two days a week off from work. Having a specific block or blocks of time during the day set aside for work will help you focus. Take regular breaks and don’t work too many hours a day. 

Use a timer on your phone or schedule blocks of time on your calendar app of choice. Get organized and make sure you are focusing on one task at a time. Have a to-do list that you edit daily. Make sure you know which tasks have priority and stay focused.

Get Organized

Clear your desk of any unnecessary items. Find a to-do list app that works for you. You can also use a notebook if you prefer paper. Having a good system for planning your day will save a lot of time and increase your productivity. Trusting your planning system will also decrease stress and you will know what to focus on.

A great productivity tip is to get your workspace organized the evening before. When you wake up and finish your morning routine it is best to know exactly what to start with and have everything you need for the task on hand.

Create a Space

If you are working remotely from your home have a dedicated space for work. A second bedroom or study is ideal. Make sure to get a comfortable chair and have everything you need for work close at hand. It is better for productivity to not work in your bedroom. Even a dining room or kitchen table will be better than working in your bedroom.

The idea is to separate your relaxed time and work time by physically being in a different space. One of the worst productivity mistakes is to work in bed. Even though working remotely gives us flexibility our minds will be more productive if we physically separate our workspace. If you have no space at home for working in then rather use a coffee shop or co-working space for work.

Get Screened

Working on one screen can slow us down. We might think we are working fast, but switching between apps and windows slows us down when working. It has been proven that a second monitor will increase productivity by 20 to 30%. Having two screens where you can have multiple apps open will raise your productivity. 

When working from home it is relatively easy to get a second monitor and have it on the desk or table where you work. Just plug your laptop into the second monitor and there you go. If you prefer working at coffee shops or co-working space things are a bit more complicated. Luckily, there are apps available that can turn your tablet into a second screen for your laptop. 

While talking about screens it is also a great idea to raise your primary laptop by putting it on a stand to get it closer to eye level. This way you won’t be looking down on it. You will need a keyboard and mouse to work comfortably with the laptop raised. 

Some of my favourite apps to have open on the second screen is my to-do app, email app, or a document I am referencing while working. Being able to copy and paste between apps without switching apps on a single screen will speed up your workflow considerably. 

Be an Upstanding Citizen

Working at a standing desk is great for productivity and your health. Research has found that standing and working can be better than sitting for your health. Get a standing desk or a stand that you can put on top of your desk to raise your laptop. If you get tired from standing try alternating sitting and standing to give your legs a break.

If you don’t have a standing desk or don’t like the idea of standing to work, just make sure to get a good quality chair and take breaks often. Get up and take a walk or just do some stretches. 

Remember to look after yourself physically and mentally. Your clients or employer will not be impressed by long hours worked if your productivity drops or if you need sick leave often. Everybody benefits if you are active, healthy, and productive.

Fix Up Your Finances

Another fantastic way to get organized is to spend some time working on your finances. Having a clear income and expenditure list can help reduce stress levels and make for a more prosperous future. Revisit your five-year plan and be sure that your financial situation aligns. There are more important things to consider than money; however, feeling financially secure can help with a positive mindset, give you access to life’s luxuries like holidays, and the opportunity to invest in assets.

Starting or expanding your investment portfolio can be a great way to generate money and reach your future goals. Buying your first home and acquiring a property to rent out is one of the most secure and lucrative investments to consider. If you’re looking for ways to get started, RWinvest has a fantastic guide on generating passive income. There are multiple posts and podcasts available online from investment companies that can help fix up your finances.

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