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Rob Harvey


There it goes, the first UK bank holiday weekend of the new way of life and with surprisingly nice weather. I noted, some tentatively tested the water and yet some people seemed to hatch like panicking chicks, blinking at the sun and their newfound freedom, rushing about to grab the moment, should it disappear. I on the other hand decided to do some much-needed household chores; well gave some thought anyway.
How about you?, on my Chatty bit wise, I was wondering if you took advantage of the nice weather and ran with the limited freedom of this first Bank holiday, or was you as cautious as me?

No need for caution, as I unleashed some great new tracks, this week from Inertia – LorD and master – Modovar – Graflex – Caboan – Teknomakrus –, plus a few top names and cool remixes as we roll.

1. Tin Gun – Devils & Angels (Radio Edit)
2. Thomas Azier – Ghostcity
3. Projekt Ich – We Are the First feat. Electric City Cowboys (Cyborgdrive Remix)
4. AfterDark – Dress Me When I Bleed
5. Wavewulf – My One True Love
6. Inertia – New Format
7. Violet Orchestra – The Kid Who Came From Outer Space
8. Duran Duran – A View To A Kill
9. Arcade Skies – Friends From Enemies
10. LorD and Master – Rainy days (single mix)
11. The Livelong June – Middle-aged rebel
12. Heliophile – Satellite (Heartbeat Mix)
13. Left Engelmann AND Jessica J – Stardust after all (album version)
14. Modovar – Ritual
16. Orkestra Zajenie – Brittle confessions
17. Graflex – Reflections
18. Zynic – Slice Of Life
19. Chvrches – Follow You (Bonus Track)
20. Caboan feat Camilla Chanel – Smut ud af mit liv (Club Mix)
21. The Rude Awakening – It’s OK Not to Be OK
22. Amongst The Pigeons – Colour Blind
23. Teknomakrus – The Man
25. Depeche Mode – Peace
26. – Poison Fruits
27. Infra Violet – Radio
28. Star Madman – Wisdom (Radio Edit)

Broadcast on April 6th, 2021.
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