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All About TJXRewards/SYNCB And Why It Could Hurt Your Credit Scores

If you’re looking for information about TJXRewards/SYNCB and why it might be hurting your credit score, you might find this read helpful! You might be wondering if your credit report appears to have a TJXRewards/SYNCB entry on it. It only means that you have applied for a credit card with some retailers like Marshalls, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, or HomeSense.

Now, there’s no problem with that, given you’ve only applied for one or two credit cards at most with these retailers. But, you should be aware and careful that credit card report entries like TJXRewards/SYNCB might somehow hurt your credit score, consequently affecting your capacity to apply for credit cards in the future. To know more, explained below is information about TJXRewards/SYNCB entries and how it might hurt your credit score.

Knowing about what TJXRewards/SYNCB entries mean to your credit report is necessary: then you’ll be better equipped to avoid traps that can give you bad marks on your credit score. The great quantity and high complexity of these kinds of credit control information make it very difficult to order, digest and disseminate. With an AI-assisted essay writer people can process this difficult matter into concise advice and pointers. In fact one can help distribute these complex ideas distilled down for interested readers: Do we have to get so far in debt just because borrowing is convenient?


What Is TJXRewards/SYNCB?

So you might ask, what is TJXRewards/SYNCB and what do they mean?


The TJX in TJXRewards comes from the word TJX Companies, an American corporation that owns multiple stores and retailers in Europe, United States, and Canada.

Hence, TJXRewards is a credit card created for regular consumers of these stores like Marshalls, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, or HomeSense, as mentioned above earlier. The shoppers can earn points (5x) for every dollar that they spend in these affiliated retailers.

Because you can only use TJXRewards credit cards at the stores mentioned above and, they are sort of considered like “loyalty credit cards.” Like other limited store credit cards, TJXRewards comes with a high Annual Percentage Rate or APR but does not require any annual fees.


Synchrony Bank or SYNCB is a famous and big national bank with many affiliated stores and provides numerous products and services. Synchrony Bank is also affiliated with large retailers like HomeSense, TJ Maxx, Marshall, and the like.

Say, for example, you are applying for a Homesense credit card, the Synchrony Bank will check your credit score. If you have approved a HomeSense credit card, a TJXRewards/SYNCB entry will automatically appear on your credit card report.

Why TJXRewards/SYNCB Might Hurt Credit Scores?

One of the reasons why TJXRewards/SYNCB might be hurting your credit score is that you have too many hard credit card inquiries. A maximum of two hard inquiries might do a little hurting on your credit score.

But multiple credit card applications with some of the affiliated retail stores of TJX might do some damage and can negatively affect your credit score. To know more about hard inquiries and how you can solve them, you can check out this reliable site

Other Reasons TJXRewards Might Hurt Credit Scores

1. Delayed Payment Or No Payment At All

One of the main reasons why credit scores are hurt, and points dramatically go down is that the user may not be paying their TJXRewards credit card at the right time. In worst cases, they decide not to pay at some point for a variety of personal reasons.

With that said, it only shows that there is an absolute irregularity of TJXRewards credit card payments. With this anomaly, one’s credit scores can get hurt and may affect future credit card applications.

2. Credit Limit Reduction

Another reason why credit scores might take a hit is reducing your credit limit, in this case, the TJXRewards/SYNCB credit limit. Why is that? For example, your TJXRewards credit limit is $10,000, and you regularly spend a 20% utilization rate or $2,000 credit spending at TJ Maxx stores, that would be okay. But in cases where your credit limit is reduced to only $6,000, your $2,000 credit spending would increase to a 33% utilization rate.

Now when your credit score goes down after this, it’s because your utilization rate jumped from 20% to 33%. And that is because your credit limit went lower, from $10,000 to $6,000. With that said, you may need to lower your credit spending to maintain or improve credit scores.

3. Credit Report Derogatory Marks

Your credit score might get hit because there are derogatory marks on your TJXRewards/SYNCB credit report. These derogatory marks mean that you did not pay your loan based on some agreement. Some other reasons why your bank has derogatory marks on your credit report are bankruptcy, delayed payments, foreclosure, etc.

What’s worse about this is that derogatory marks may take longer before it vanishes from your credit report. Usually, it takes seven to ten years before these marks are removed from your credit report. Unlike multiple hard inquiries, which may only take two years at max before it falls off from your credit report.


TJXRewards/SYNCB entries on your credit report are okay as long as you do not commit things that might hurt your credit scores. With that said, it would be imperative if you study and become familiar with all the different reasons that could negatively affect your credit score. With this in mind, you can lessen your credit score’s negative impact or ultimately prevent it from being hurt.

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