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How to Make the Moving Process Easier this Summer

Moving can be stressful. It can be a hassle; it might even be a downright nightmare. Though the exact circumstances will be unique to every one of us, what we can do to mitigate the stress surrounding a big move is relatively universal.  One useful method for dealing with stress in healthy ways is by talking with a mental health professional. A licensed professional (like the ones available at BetterHelp) can help you with time management, as well as the overall adjustment to the move. Otherwise, the following tips might help you prepare for your moving process.

Start Packing Now

Packing is probably one of the most significant stressors in any moving process, especially if you feel pressed for time. The way to avoid this is to start packing up the moment you decide to move. This should be done with two additional points in mind.

Create a Smart System

Outline what items you want to have in which boxes. Strategizing ahead of time can help you pack up items that aren’t essential to your everyday living until the day before you move. Keep this strategy on hand so that you can easily find items when you are unpacking later on.

Declutter While You Go

This should be a non-negotiable step for everyone moving. Packing requires us to go through everything that we own, which is why it is such a good moment to declutter the items we don’t like, don’t need, or even are just something we should have binned half a lifetime ago.

When Choosing a Storage Unit, Make Sure it is Temperature Controlled

The last thing you want is the hot summer and humidity to damage your belongings between moves. Wood can swell and crack, water damage can happen due to the humidity changes, and even pests can get in if you risk using an outdoor storage unit.

A climate controlled self storage near you is the only way to go when you need a place to store your home’s belongings in between moving out of one place and moving into another. They are indoors and kept at room temperature. This way, you can forget about worrying about mold build-up, pests, mildew, and even bacteria build-up.

Renegotiate Your Move-Out Date

If you want to move, but the current climate means that you may end up homeless between your tenancy ending and a new one beginning, negotiate with your landlord. This is especially true if your contract is yearly instead of monthly. Get off the yearly contract and get on the rolling contract instead. This way, you can easily move into a new home without paying months and months of rent for two properties or being homeless for the interim.

If your landlord doesn’t agree, then see if you can stay with friends or family, just in case. As a last resort, it is also possible to rent out a room for however long you need. You will need to have already completed the first step, packing, and will also want to find a good storage unit to hold your items in these instances.

Be Smart with the Move

If you are moving large, expensive furniture and other items you don’t want to be damaged then hiring a professional moving company is your best bet. Make sure that they are insured, and if anything does happen to your belongings, you will be compensated for it. This way you can move stress-free, without breaking your back in the process.


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