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5 Summer Jobs Around the House You’ll Actually Want to Do

The birds are singing, the sun is poking its head over the horizon, the leaves are green, and the crops are beginning to fruit. It can only mean one thing: it’s almost time for summer!

After the long, cold, and dreary months of winter, the impending arrival of summer is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. But all those lazy days will be marred if you don’t get on top of essential household maintenance whilst you can.

Summer Jobs Around the House

Summer is a great time to get on top of the household repairs and maintenance list. We can take advantage of the lighter evenings and the warmer day, allowing those outside jobs to become a breeze!

Here are five jobs you’ll actually want to do around the house this summer.

Fix Your Air Conditioning

Ah, air conditioning! Who would want to live without it? In hotter climates, this bit of kit becomes even more important for keeping everyone comfortable and cool, so it’s vital that it’s in good working order. Replace the filter and test it out in early spring. If it has developed a fault at all you’ll want to call in a repair sooner rather than later!

Check Your Gutters and Roofing

It’s incredible how much dirt and debris can build up over the winter months, especially dead leaves and other organic matter clogging up the gutters. As soon as the weather gets better, book your yearly gutters and roof inspection. A professional will be able to pick up any issues or potential issues quickly and get them fixed, saving you money in the long term.

Kitsap County homeowners call this premier roofing company in Kingston every summer to inspect and make any necessary repairs to their homes.  Their insight and expertise saves homeowners thousands of dollars every year.

If you’re not sure where to start finding a professional roofer, check out this article from Next Wave Roofing on what to look for:

Invest in Summer Spaces

In the autumn and winter, it’s all about the hygge! Chunky knits, warm drinks, log fires, blankets, and relaxing in cozy surroundings. Not in summer though! Update your space by packing away those wintery reminders, go for light accessories and bright pops of colour, and don’t forget the freshly cut flowers to really bring the summer in.

Roll Out the BBQ

Nothing quite says summer like the smell of a real charcoal barbecue wafting down the block. Before you can get your friends together for a flame-grilled meat feast, get the barbecue out and give it a deep clean whilst imagining all those tasty rib recipes you’ve been planning all winter.

Are you more of veggie or vegan instead? Thankfully, there are some incredible vegetarian and vegan barbecue options that allow you to still enjoy this absolute summer pleasure!

Build That ‘Summer Vibes’ Playlist

Barbecues are definitely the taste of summer, but no summer is complete without a killer soundtrack to go with it. There are many streaming services offering summer vibes playlists, but to give it a real personal twist, build your own in time for your next summer barbecue bash!  You can contact us for more information.

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