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7 Reasons Music Is Good for Studying

Do you like listening to music? Well, which one of us doesn’t. For many people, music is a source of emotions, inspiration, motivation, and just a way to refresh their minds. However, did you know that there is much more to listening to music than you could ever imagine?

Why is music so important? Not many realize this, but music in education plays a significant role, boosting productivity, improving brain function, and reducing tension. All these benefits are backed by science and imply that music is generally good for studying. Want to learn how? Then keep on reading and let’s figure this out!

Does Music Make You a Better Student? – Top Reasons Proving This

People have discovered the benefits of music many decades ago. Ever since then, there have been numerous studies proving its curing effect on the human brain. However, does it really have the potential to make you a better student? Here are the top 7 reasons that prove it has:

Reason 1: Reduce Test Anxiety

For ages, anxiety has been among students’ biggest struggles. While studying, and especially during test prep, students can suffer from high levels of anxiety, which holds them back from success and constantly gets in the way of learning.

While there are many ways to fight anxiety, listening to music has been proven to be among the most effective ones. According to studies, music helps lower the levels of tension and anxiety during test prep.

Reason 2: De-Stress

Along with anxiety, stress is another common issue facing college students. Due to a large academic load, tight deadlines, lack of time, and constant pressure, your levels of stress can run high and, sometimes, even go beyond manageable. That’s another way how music can ease your life.

Numerous studies have proven that music helps relieve stress. Different genres of music are known to help trigger certain emotions. For example, dynamic music can make you feel full of energy, meanwhile, sad songs can make you feel sad as well. Respectively, soothing music helps to relax, decrease heart rate and blood pressure, and, thus, reduce stress.

Reason 3: Increased Focus

It is not a secret that many students suffer from concentration issues. Have you ever thought “well, I’m feeling too distracted and unfocused to do my paper (or another task)?” – many students feel the same way. And that’s another case where music can help you! A study conducted by Stanford has found that listening to music causes our brain to focus more. According to this and similar studies, music stimulates the brain areas responsible for concentration. Respectively, if you play some background music during your study sessions, it will help you get more focused and ready to handle even the most complicated tasks!

Reason 4: Increased Brain Functions

Probably one of the most significant reasons music is good for studying is that among all the benefits of music it actually helps improve the performance of your brain.

The musical activity can serve as a cognitive exercise for your brain and, thus, train it. Different studies confirm that kids who experience musical training from an early age, grow up having healthier and more powerful brains.

Another study has found that background music during an exam helps students handle more questions within the set time. With all that being said, we can conclude that music can significantly improve your brain’s function making it easier to handle various tasks.

Reason 5: Better Overall Performance

One study, published at the Journal of Educational Psychology, claims that non-musicians tend to show worse academic performance compared to those engaged in musical activity. Similarly, those students who listen to music a lot, also perform better.

As was already mentioned, music is known to help to make our brain sharper, more concentrated, and less vulnerable to stress and anxiety. Therefore, it has a positive effect on a student’s overall performance.

Reason 6: Boost Memory

Issues with memorizing academic materials can really get in your way to success and, unfortunately, this is something many young people experience. Luckily, there are studies that prove how music and memory are linked and that listening to music can help you memorize things better. This fact once more confirms that listening to music is good for studying.

Reason 7: Pain Relief

Another interesting effect of music on the brain is that it can cure pain. Not without a reason, there is a trick called music therapy, widely used to help patients heal.

How does music’s ability to relieve pain relates to education? The answer is simple. It is not a secret that when you feel good, you can be more productive and when you suffer from pain, it can seem like everything goes wrong. Respectively, you can use music to cure pain and get ready to conquer your academic tasks.

The Bottom Line

If you ask around, you may find out that thousands of students from all over the world feel like they need to play music during their study sessions. Most explain this phenomenon saying that it helps them concentrate better.

At the same time, there are just as many people who find it too distracting to listen to music while studying.

Which ones of them get it right? Does music really make you a better student or is it more of a distraction? Based on all the reasons mentioned in this article, it is fair to say that students’ love for listening to music is justified and can be used to improve their academic performance.

Author’s Bio: This post was created by a professional writer Jeff Blaylock. Jeff confesses that he always loved music and found it extremely beneficial. In this article, he reveals some of the most significant scientifically proven reasons that confirm how music is good for studying.

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