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Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Service for Your Business

Considering the fact that many workers spend more than 1/3 of the year at work, it is important to keep the office space clean and tidy. In fact, keeping your business premises clean is vital to the success of your business. Many office owners hire a professional service to clean their premises.

The advantages of hiring a professional office cleaner vary depending on the quality of work and the costs. Studies have shown that office cleanliness affects office worker productivity. A clean office environment can achieve or maintain maximum productivity of employees.

Finding the right commercial office cleaning company can seem overwhelming as there are many companies to choose from.  While the quality of services is the most important factor to consider when looking for a commercial office cleaning company, there are other important elements that a business should consider when looking for the right company.

Look For a Company with Great Online Reviews

The first thing you should do when looking for a cleaning service for your business is to confirm a company’s authenticity. This step is very important and you should not skip it. Verify that the company you want to hire has certification by the department of safety and health.

The internet is a good place to do a background check on a commercial office cleaning company you want to hire. I know that this may sound paranoid but remember it is better to be safe than regretting later. The background check also highlights customer reviews.

There are many commercial cleaners and it is good to compare at least three cleaners to make an informed decision. Avoid hiring the first company you come across as it may not always be the right company for you. Remember that there are many companies to choose from so take your time and you will find a company that offers quality services at a pocket-friendly price.

Ask For References

Many office owners tend to ignore recommendations when looking at the applicant’s resume. What they don’t know is that contacting the references can help them choose the right cleaner. Read customer reviews in the comment’s sections, peruse through the contact list, check posted photos on the internet, and get more sources on experiences from previous customers.

The best thing about references is that they provide a lot of information about performance and validity. Contact the referees and ask them about their experience with the cleaner. Keep in mind that all cleaners are not created equal and some offer quality services while others don’t. Yelp is one of the best places to find reviews of cleaning companies.

Businesses aiming to prepare properties for sale or lease often require specialized cleaning services to ensure that their premises look impeccable and attractive to potential buyers or tenants.  Luckily, Palm Beach has many trusted cleaning companies to offer. If you are in the area, ask around for services specializing in pre listing cleaning in Palm Beach to ensure that your property looks its best. Reach out to other businesses or individuals who have used such services before for recommendations and make sure to inquire about the specific cleaning tasks that these  companies offer in their pre-listing packages.

Get Office Cleaning Quotes

Once you have performed a background search on potential commercial cleaners, consider their quotation. The cleaners will visit your business premises and estimate the size of your office. When the cleaners come to your office, ask them about the different services they offer.

Do a Comparison of What Is Included

Most of the commercial cleaning companies offer vacuuming, mopping, residential and sanitizing services. All the services offered by a commercial cleaning company has to be detailed in your quote. Compare the rates of different cleaning companies to find an affordable company.

Ask for Proof of Insurance

Office cleaning can be very challenging and is in fact regarded as one of the most challenging tasks. Wet floors can lead to accidents and as such, it is a good idea for workers working for a cleaning company to have insurance.

Before hiring a commercial cleaner, ensure that the employees have covered liability of accidents that may occur while workers are cleaning your office.

Carefully Read the Contract and Understand the Service Agreement

Most of the commercial cleaning companies will require you to sign a contract before they clean your office. As a business owner, it is important to understand the clauses in the proposed contract. Sometimes, contracts can be complex as contract drafting may involve legal terms that can be hard to understand.

If there is something you don’t understand, look for a lawyer before signing the contract as a contract is legally binding. Make sure that the details of the contract are analyzed. For instance, a company may state that it shall offer its services for a year. Such a company may not be ideal for a business that is looking for a commercial cleaner who will work for 3 months. Understanding the agreement will foster a symbiotic relationship.

Find Out the Number of Years That the Company You Are Considering Has Been In Business

The commercial cleaning industry is very competitive because of the fact that more offices are getting in the business. A service provider has to provide excellent services to survive in the industry. Therefore, a company that has been in business for many years have provided quality services to their clients and this explains their longevity.

You can check such information through a company’s website or their registration number. You can also ask the company directly. Many years of experience helps a company become good at what they do. As such, it may be a good idea to consider the experience of a company before hiring. Consider companies with much experience.

Look for a company with positive past experiences as such a company most likely offers quality cleaning services. Compare the experiences to make sure that the company has extensive experience as stated in the resume. An experienced team of office building cleaners can meet or even exceed your expectations as a proper cleaning has a professional routine. Equipment should be handled properly while cleaning.

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