The Aliens are coming – in the name of Love!

Don’t panic – Ben hasn’t joined Heart FM. It’s nearly Valentines.

Ben resists getting loved up this week and instead focuses on World Radio Day, Get a Different Name Day and Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

Then he gets friendly and celebrates Palentine’s Day. The day to spend time with your friends, not your lovers. Then Ben gets very lovely and plays some pre-Valentines offerings.

All interspersed with interactions from Ben’s listening leg-ends. And music tonight from the likes of Babylon Zoo, Tina Turner, Meatloaf, Backstreet Boys, Queen, David Bowie and Jamiroquai.

The Show That Goes Like This. You learn, you laugh and you listen. The 3 Ls. There you have it.

Click the player below to listen at your leisure. Ok that’s too many Ls now!