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The Show That Goes Like This Appreciates Dragons and Loves Printer Ink

Ben has literally got the whole world in his hands!

Listen hard to another 2 hours of completely random things interspersed with live social media banter and general hilarity.

This week we celebrate lesser known holidays. Did you know January 16th is Appreciate a Dragon Day? And it is also Good Teenager Day. And Nothing Day!

Learn things you never realised you wanted to learn after another crazy Tuesday with Ben Simmons. Artistes featured include the likes of Nirvana, The Spice Girls, The Prodigy, Boyzone, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and UB40. Varied choices? Yes they are!

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Ben has a plan(niversary) for this week’s show!

One ring to rule them all!

The Show That Goes Like This allows you to immerse yourself in the sheer unadulterated excellence of ridiculousness interspersed with songs linked to Wedding Anniversary presents!

Be amazed as Ben Simmons guides us all through two hours of celebrating years spent with a loved one. Enjoy the incessant poll-taking, joking, social media bantering and worthless prize-giving – all to a soundtrack featuring the likes of Bruno Mars, Steps, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, The Ting Tings, The Beautiful South and Shirley Bassey! Now That’s What I Call An Anniversary.

Why didn’t Ben think of that before? There could be an album in that!

Click the player below to listen

Ben’s back… and his front have returned to Phoenix FM

When a diary literally says it all!

The Show That Goes Like This laughs in the face of Storm Eleanor and brazenly returns with host Ben Simmons having completed his panto stint near Blackpool.

Your Tuesday nights will now be the same as they were for five weeks late last year, once again.

Listen and listen again if you love hearing about historical events and if you love tirelessly researched songs to fit in with a particular theme. This week’s theme is New Year.

Music played includes diverse offerings from New Order, Busted, Bryan Adams, The Connells, Frankie Valli and James Brown plus quite a lot of others too.

Banter via live social media involves parrots, gorillas, marital disputes, Megatron, catflaps, stopping having children, and not watching The Bourne Identity!

Click below to hear it. Go on!


5th Show That Goes Like This now contains celebrity guests! (and Ben Simmons)

Ben is not going to be on the air for 5 weeks - he'll be doing this instead!

Ben is not going to be on the air for 5 weeks – he’ll be doing this instead!

To celebrate his forthcoming departure ‘up north’ for another Pantomime season, Ben dedicates his entire show to panto, and all things pantoey! If that’s a word.

As well as Simmo’s Simple Sports News and On This Day, Ben also manages to squeeze in a 7 minute telephone interview with current Strictly Come Dancing star, Debbie McGee. In a relatively short time Debbie discusses her 40 point tango, her enjoyment of live Saturday Night tv, her own upcoming Pantomime and the smell of Vikings!

All music played this week has been featured in pantos Ben has performed in, or directed. Having already done 17, there was quite a catalogue to choose from.

Click the player below for 2 hours of fun, frivolity and flaming awesomeness!

May the 4th Be With You, on the FOURteenth of November, with Ben Simmons!

Ben's miniature recreation of a 'Two Ronnies' classic!

Ben’s miniature recreation of a ‘Two Ronnies’ classic!

As a clear theme for this week’s show fails to materialise, Ben is inspired by the number 4 on his 4th show. No more numerical themes for a while, although for the next few weeks he could just continually play 5,6,7,8 by Steps! Click the player below to allow an avalanche of unpredictable ridiculousness to enter your ears. Go on! You’ve been warned. But gently.

Music featured by Robbie Williams, Wamdue Project, Alesha Dixon, The Four Seasons, Toploader, Kool and the Gang, Sheryl Crow and some other people as well.


3 is the Magic Number on The Show That Goes Like This

Ben 3 Hats

Another scintillating couple of hours passes, as Ben Simmons shows his dedication on his third show, celebrating the number 3 throughout, and only playing songs with 3 word titles! Listen with sheer amazement as Ben never mentions wearing 3 hats during this show, plus On This Day and Simmo’s Simple Sports News as well as some great banter via the delights of social media. Including music from Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Ultra Nate, De La Soul, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, East 17 and genuinely loads more!

The Show That Goes Like This gets scary at Halloween – with Ben Simmons

Ben couldn't get a pumpkin at late notice. At least this was a similar shape

Ben couldn’t get a pumpkin at late notice. At least this was a similar shape.

Ben Simmons terrifies us all with another broadcast of The Show That Goes Like This.

Featuring Simmo’s Simple Sports News and On This Day together with some great chat, amusing anecdotes and occasionally tenuously linked scary songs, but good songs nonetheless!

The only show still not scared to play Steps, as well as the likes of The Automatic, Ella Henderson, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, The Darkness, Basement Jaxx and loads more.