World Radio Day – Radio and Sport

February 13 is UNESCO’s World Radio Day – a day where broadcasters, producers and radio lovers all over the world celebrate radio as a medium.

Chris Hood hosting a live event at Leyton Orient Supporters Club

This year’s theme is Radio and Sport and Phoenix FM has been looking back on air on how community radio can engage with grass roots sport to give people a regular voice that they would not otherwise get on alternative, more mainstream media outlets.

Articles include regular coverage of lower league football including our local team Billericay Town FC, our regular weekly show devoted to non-league Leyton Orient FC, coverage of the Essex Senior League and Essex Olympian League and our regular weekly round up of the
National League.

We also regularly feature news from and girls’ football, and teams from other sports including Essex Cricket and Brentwood Leopards.

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United Nations statement on World Radio Day:

Radio reaches the widest audience in the world.

In an era of dramatic advances in communications, radio retains its power to entertain, educate, inform and inspire.

It can unite and empower communities, and give voice to the marginalized.

This year, with the Winter Olympics now under way, we also recognize the many ways in which sports broadcasting brings people together around excitement and achievement.

On World Radio Day, let us celebrate both radio and sports as ways of helping people achieve their full potential.