Show 170: The Return of Paul Finch

On the show this week, I had Paul Finch in the studio, along with his sidekick, Brian. Paul is not just a friend, but a very popular figure amongst musicians in the Southend region.

Paul alongside “His Brian” (as he calls him), host a podcast for unsigned artist, named Seacroft Studio’s Live and Unsigned, a show in which yours truly has appeared on with his band a couple of years ago. Not only us, but many have benefitted by coming onto his show.

Some success stories from his studio (the ultimate man cave) – have been the likes of Caitlin King and Emily Frith who have both recorded their EPs there.

The full show you can hear below.

Here are the songs played on the show. All songs have been recorded at his studio, either as a live session or recorded for a project…

Angel and The Melodyhorns – Last Day Of The Summer
Darren Jones and The World Music Band – Do It
Doojip – I Know Why
Petty Phase – You’ll Be Dead
Black Bullets – Riding Shotgun
The Woodmans – Mouth
Cannonball Flatman – Stockport Maine
Paul Woodley – Po Black Maddie
Paul J Williams – In A Long Time
Holly Hannigan – Blue Eyes
Emily Frith – Figure You Out
Owen Williams – Oil And Water
MG Boulter – Midnight Movies
Davey Hal – White Walls
Caitlin King – Heal Your Heart

Paul and His Brian also participated in the quiz and scored a respectable 15 points. Here is the scoreboard.