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Synth City: Slipping Jedi


Dashing threw the snow, in a very dodgy way, trying not slip and fall on may face- not quite lyrical dynamite, but there you go. Apart from being british and discussing the weather during the show, I mentioned the new Star Wars premier and was finally able to admit to my cameo, as a stormtrooper in it. Plus I spoke of my excited interest in the new Churchill movie that is also out, as it stars one of my favorite actors- Gary Oldman. Of course this is a music radio show, so this week we carried on with more new tracks from: Nature Of Wires – Shmoo; albeit new covers. New from Shelter – Tactile Frquency – Fixions – Psyaviah – Gary Numan – Calico Club – Loka and loads more synth delights for your ear bits….

Oh, if you missed the live show, then have a look at the track list and then maybe try my rerun via Mixcloud- below that there tracklist;


  • Hello Again by The Cars
  • Never Enough by Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox
  • Going Backwards [paralyzed rmx] by Depeche Mode
  • 4 Selfie by Microchip Junky
  • Torch by Jonteknik
  • Sorry by Shelter
  • Walk Away by Modovar
  • Shadow Former Self by Graingerboy
  • Lonely Beast by Le Groupe Fantastique
  • 10 YOUR BODY AND THE BEAT by Calico Club
  • 11 When David Sings by Vague Notion
  • 12 Blue Monday by Shmoo
  • 13 Stay with me (single edit) by Cryotainment
  • 14 The End of Things by Gary Numan
  • 15 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Curxes
  • 16 White by GJART
  • 17 If U Ever Wonder by The Frixion
  • 18 Everything Exploded by Loka
  • 19 Greed by Black Forest
  • 20 The Sparrows and the Nightingales by Martyn Bailey
  • 21 Spotlight by Promenade Cinema
  • 22 For Myself (ft.Lofthill) by PSYAVIAH
  • 23 Wonderful Tonight by Nature of Wires
  • 24 SET MY SOUL FREE by Glyda
  • 25 What each heart hides by Tactile Frequency
  • 26 Headhunter by Fixions
  • 27 Living in the Plastic Age by Buggles
  • 28 In Time by Mark Bebb + Heliophile

Rob H PFMFeel free to leave a comment on this weeks show blog, maybe pick your favorite track played this week…..

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Synth City: Star Ender


Blimey we are in December, and on this weeks show we had more brand new tracks to delight and we haerd, it is the start of me trying to pick my track of the year and album, for the Phoenix 98FM Presenters Pick. We played last years single and Album pick of 2016 and I mused over who I could possibly pick for this years outing. This weeks new tracks by the way, came from Woodrowgerber – Vague Notion – Black Forest – Graingerboy – Mark Bebb/Heliophile – Jonteknik – Le Groupe Fantastique, plus a remix from Sombre Moon of their debut single, we had a few classic artists as well.

Why not have a listen to the rerun ofnthe show, via Mixcloud- thr link is below the tracklist;


Our christmas was electric (my dad is santa) by Matt Jessup

Sound Mirrors by Covenant

Blurred Reality (Fused Remix) by Sombre Moon

The Ghost in You (Edit) by Matt Mancid & Color Theory

Barrel Of A Gun by Depeche Mode

Greed by Black Forest

Nerve by Paul Humphries

Deadender by Neil Francis & Daysound

Blackstar by David Bowie

10 In Time by Mark Bebb + Heliophile

11 Call Me by Chronica

12 Army Of My Head by Ghost Capsules

13 Shadow Former Self by Graingerboy 

14 Miracles (Radio Edit) by Pet Shop Boys

15 Corridors by Lemonade Kid Damsel In The Dollhouse

16 What We Leave Behind by Knights

17 Lonely Beast by Le Groupe Fantastique

18 Walk Away by Modovar

19 K.I.S.S. Feat Chronica by From Apes To Angels

20 Baby It’s You by DOLLS (feat DS-1)

21 When David Sings by Vague Notion

22 Playing Popstars by Tame Genius

23 Simon by Woodrowgerber

24 I’ll take my chances by Caroline McLavy

25 Torch by Jonteknik

26 Never Enough by Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox

27 Shroud by Damsel in the Dollhouse

 Feel free to leave a comment- maybe whatv was your favorite track from this weeks show??
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Synth City: Empty Head


On this weeks little old show; the last one of November 2017… I had a ‘shortish micro’type look back at the recent gigs I attended; well I let the music talk– as I reflected on mammoth event, that was Depeche Mode at their London O2 gig, and the joyisly intimate Zigfrid von Udderbelly gig, for the Empathy Test  x2 album launch night, which was a really great night among the smoke machine and glits. I spoke about bumping into someone who used to work with Depeche Mode, and this led me to an Empty head moment, as that penny didn’t drop as quick as it should during our chat; listen to the mixcloud, hear more on what I mean- and who…

New music wise, we had brand new album and single tracks from: Rodney Cromwell – Chronica – Modovar – Charlotte Someone feat Lokka Vox – James Parker –  Matt Mancid + Color Theory – EmT and of course, a few more tuneful remix delights, with the odd classic artist. If you didn’t get to actually tune into the live radio show, then please see the included  rerun via Mixcloud, under the tracklisting;


Everything Counts by Depeche Mode

Bare My Soul by Empathy Test

Sealed (Flesh and Bone remix) by Fourth Engine

K.I.S.S. Feat Chronica by From Apes To Angels

Brittle confessions by Orkestra Zajenie

Never Enough by Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox

Hold Back Your Love by White Lies

The View from Here by Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

9 Shroud by Damsel in the Dollhouse

10 Walk Away by Modovar

11 SET MY SOUL FREE by Glyda

12 Highway life by Shiny Darkness

13 Where Are The Angels (feat Mick L Angelo) by Project Me

14 The Ghost in You (Edit) by Matt Mancid & Color Theory

15 Tough Love (7 inch version) by April33

16 Frontiers by Hemmingway

17 Particles by Model Depose

18 Call Me by Chronica

19 Bedsitter by Soft Cell

20 Baby It’s You by DOLLS (feat DS-1)

21 Low Life (Zarkoff Remix) by Massive Ego

22 You Will Struggle by Rodney Cromwell

23 White by GJART

24 Lo by James Parker

25 Synthetic (Lily Arciniega Remix) by Dicepeople

26 A Thousand Arms by EmT

27 X-Ray Eyes by Shmoo

28 Not Holding On by Sol Flare

>> Feel free to leave a comment and or maybe, what was your fave track this week??…….

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Synth City: Spirit of Empathy


Racing through another month, with the excitment that another new year is on its way; means more to me then Christmas, still I actually had two Christmas related tracks in the show, so I’m not a total humbug. This weekend coming I’ve the big old Emapthy Test double album release album launch thing…and before that, Depeche Mode’s last UK date on the Spirit tour. New music wise, we had a new track from both of the new Empathy Test albums for you. Plus new from; Gjart – Glyda – Projekt Ich [translated: Project Me] feat Mick L Angelo – Damsel In the Dollhouse – From Apes To Angels / Chronica, with a few more tasty remixes and a classic Voxless from Depeche Mode.

On the subject of Depeche Mode, I wondered how is works to get the band trending on twitter as they play London… if it works, It would be down to luck and algorithms.  The rerun of the radioshow is now on Mixcloud below the tracklist;


1Heartbroke Disco by The Frixion

2Missed Opportunities by Watch Clark

3Purple Sun (Oscilian Sun Dream Remix) by NINA

4Only Law (Modovar Mix) by Inertia

5Highway life by Shiny Darkness

6White by GJART

7Malfunction by Austen

8Poison Heart (Tripped Mix) by Depeche Mode

9X-Ray Eyes by Shmoo

10Shroud by Damsel in the Dollhouse

11Synthetic (Lily Arciniega Remix) by Dicepeople

12Frozen Faces by Propaganda

13Forgotten How to Love by PreCog

14All It Takes by Empathy Test

15Siamese by Empathy Test

16Glorious feat Midge Ure by Rusty Egan Presents

17Blurred Reality by Sombre Moon


19The View from Here by Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

20You For A Lifetime by Midnight Mantics

21K.I.S.S. Feat Chronica by From Apes To Angels

22Baby It’s You by DOLLS (feat DS-1)

23I Should Know You Better by Prides

24Where Are The Angels (feat Mick L Angelo) by Protect Me

25Green by Jan Doyle Band

26CHRISTMAS ISLAND by Depeche Mode

27Better Days by Eltronn

28Playing Popstars by Tame Genius

Feel free to leave a comment on this show blog page, maybe your fave track of the show……


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Synth City: One good turn


This week it was me musing on the short dip in major artist gigs round, after my last few weeks of catching Gary Numan and OMD live, and soon it will be Depeche Mode, so not all bad in the dip dept. We had a little mention about some other interesting gigs featuring some of the talent I get to play each week, who are out ahd about and maybe one bit of gig news, where I may had let the cat out of the launch bag.. Talking of naughty, I did mentioned I was let down by an independant tyre repair company; who I arranged to use, instead of using the usual big corparate companies- which I felt was a good turn. So, I asked the question about your attempt at a recent good deed that went sour.

New music this week felt ever more ecelectic, well as much as in styles, as I had new from Shmoo – Shiny Darkness – Matthias – DOLLS Featuring DS-1 – Tame Genius – Eltronn – Watch Clark. Along with the odd classic artist, Voxless and remixes. I also mentioned the delights of recieving new material from some of the artist the show follows, and this week in my post was 2 albums, all the way from Canada- Thx Meter Bridge..


1Frequent Seas by Meter Bridge

2Good as gold by Eden

3Verse Girl (FM Attack Mix) by Rare Facture

4Synthetic (Lily Arciniega Remix)by Dicepeople

5Brittle confessions by Orkestra Zajenie

6Better Days by Eltronn

7Fail by Depeche Mode

8You For A Lifetime by Midnight Mantics

9The Quiet Silently Wait by Promenade Cinema

10Baby It’s You by DOLLS (feat DS-1)

11When You Fall by Jeff McCall

12Sailing On The Seven Seas by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

13Everything Will Work Out by Empathy Test

14Playing Popstars by Tame Genius

15Corridors by Lemonade Kid Damsel In The Dollhouse

16In Transition by Automatic Writing

17Automaton by Jamiroquai

18X-Ray Eyes by Shmoo

19GBH by Mechanical Cabaret

20Into The Darkness by COBURG

21Forgotten How to Love by PreCog

22Missed Opportunities by Watch Clark

23Only Law by Inertia

24Clickity Clack by Matthias

25Highway life by Shiny Darkness

26My Left Hand Column by High Rise Finale


Why not check out the rerun of this weeks show via Mixcloud, if you like the tracklist;

Feel free to like, share or post a comment on this blog…… be tempted.


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Synth City: Leave it till later


November is now upon us and along with the chilly weather comes, surprises and doing stuff you can be bothered with- well I say surprises, only if you hadn’t avoided a job or two that was long overdue; like me and my car tyre puncture... So, we chatted about jobs & things you put off that could or do, come back to bite. I noted some people were avoiding tiding up their studios whilst listening to my show live, and blaming me…. tut tut.

Music wise, we had a cool mashup from Robin Skouteris, and new tracks to the show from Coburg – Midnight Mantics – Orkestra Zajenie – Eltronn – Dicepeople – Jeff McCall – Lemonade Kid / Damsel in the Dollhouse, plus a few old favourites along the way.


1Everything Will Work Outby Empathy Test

2Liesby Chvrches

3Lights In Your Arms (Robin Skouteris Mashup Mix)by Cutting Crew Vs Ellie Goulding

4What is Love by The Frixion

5Into Its Eyes (Nature of Wires Remix)by Leaether Strip

6Into The Darkness by COBURG

7Copy Of Aby NIN

8Undividedby A Million Machines

9Cover Me by Depeche Mode

10Only Lawby Inertia

11Synthetic (Lily Arciniega Remix)by Dicepeople

12Dirty Fingers by MFU

13Fly Me Away by Goldfrapp

14Fireproof featuring BetaPSIby Gjart

15You For A Lifetime by Midnight Mantics

16Forgotten How to Love by PreCog


18Anna Dine by Blancmange

19Corridorsby Lemonade Kid Damsel In The Dollhouse

20Only Youby Circuit3

21Strangersby George Ergemlidze feat. Shadows and Mirrors

22When You Fallby Jeff McCall

23Here Comes The Noise (Pink)by Tiny Magnetic Pets

24Runnerby Eltronn

25The View from Hereby Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

26Brittle confessions by Orkestra Zajenie

27Blurred Realityby Sombre Moon

28Shameless Fashion (Radio Edit)by Visage

  • If you missed the live edition of Synth City, then feel free to check out the rerun, specially made on Mixcloud below;
  • FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS blog PAGE, I may read it out on the next show….
  • You can tell us – What was your fave new track on this show? for example….



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Synth City: Pumpkin Allstars

Synth City Banner 8

Wow time is flying, like a witch on her broom stick that is on fire, as we are now at the end of Octobers again and dodging the guouls that haunt our wallets till febuary…. We chatted about ghoulish enviromental ways to go and to be back on track with the music theme of the show, we chatted up and coming gigs. New music-wise, on this final October show, was from Inertia – Woodrowgerber, Leaether Strip / Nature of Wires – PreCog – George Ergemlidze / Shadows and Mirrors – Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark, Plus a synth legend for our Voxless this week and we didn’t actually refereance Halloween once……. ok, a few times maybe….oh well, maybe next year.


1Let Goby Massive Ego

2Spotlightby Promenade Cinema

3In Nobody’s Prayer (Real Exp…by Destination feat. Stephen Newton

4A midnight dreary (Hallowe’en edit)by LorD and Master


6Forgotten How to Loveby PreCog

7Anna Dineby Blancmange

8Annaby Fragile Tom

9Here Comes The Noise (Pink)by Tiny Magnetic Pets

10The View from Hereby Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

11Freeby Electric City Cowboys

12I Failed For Youby Frozen Nation

13Everything Will Work Outby Empathy Test

14Strangersby George Ergemlidze feat. Shadows and Mirrors

15Good as goldby Eden

16My Left Hand Columnby High Rise Finale

17Cover Meby Depeche Mode

18Only Lawby Inertia

19Blurred Realityby Sombre Moon

20Undividedby A Million Machines

21Into Its Eyes (Nature of Wires Remix)by Leaether Strip

22Tough Love (7 inch version)by April33

23Something To Hold On Toby Stikman

24Film Oneby John Foxx

25Momento Moriby Honey Beard

26Lightby Woodrowgerber

27What is Loveby The Frixion

28One Man In My Heartby The Human League

If you didnt get to listen in live, because you were out haunting, then why not sit back and catch up here via Mixcloud; feel free to leave a comment….

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Synth City: Spookless fool

Synth City Banner 8

Last show of October and its not quite Halloween, and yet I was saying I’ve noticed christamas decorations already- one thing at a seasonal fad at a time I cry.  We chatted about the current YouTube scene and wether its getting worse or better as a new media, as I was saying I have got back into some of the new talent on there, and felt inspired by some. Music wise, we had new from High Rise Finale – Kretz – LorD and Master – Blancmange – April33 – A Million Machines and a stunning new mashup of 15 Depeche Mode tracks by LeeDM101. [ Feel free to listen and guess how many you recognise, and maybe add a comment]

As always, if you missed the live radio show, then listen with mother, to the specially made rerun edition, below the tracklist via Mixcloud;


1The Flame (7 Remix)by Arcadia

2What is Loveby The Frixion

3Who’s wearing the trousers (15 DM songs)by LeeDM101

4Dream Machineby Inertia

5Reboot Reset Relay (ft. Fallon Nieves)by Psy’Aviah

6Undividedby A Million Machines

7My Name Is Ruinby Gary Numan

8Frontiersby Hemmingway

9Play Deadby Bjork and David Arnold

10Tough Love (7 inch version)by April33

11Blurred Realityby Sombre Moon

12Code Feat. Mark Bebb (RADIO EDIT)by Matthias


14Anna Dineby Blancmange

15Good as goldby Eden

16Everything Will Work Outby Empathy Test

17She’s No Ladyby Tingle In The Netherlands

18Digital Versicolorby Glass Candy

19My Left Hand Columnby High Rise Finale

20Here Comes The Noise (White)by Tiny Magnetic Pets

21The Punishment of Luxuryby Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

22Mechanical Men (Original Mix)by Kretz

23Freeby Electric City Cowboys

24A midnight dreary (Hallowe’en edit)by LorD and Master

25Dirty Worldby The Ramona Flowers

26Like Yesterday (Destinations Historia Mix)by Paul Humphries

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Synth City: Furnishing Blancmange

SC banner 8

  1. As we try to power through the mix bag that is the month of October, I had the pleasure of chatting to a music hero; Neil Arthur from Blancmange. We chatted about the new album- Unfurnished Rooms, the tour and how technology has changed in the field of creative music and loads more. Plus we had a track from the new album and a classic Blancmange track.

For more information on the band the album and their tour: [ BLANCMANGE]

More new tunes this week on the show, came from Eden – Hemmingway – The Frixion – Lemonade Kid – Paul Humphries / Destination – Electric City Cowboys – Sombre Moon – Empathy Test and the odd classic here and there.

Check out the interview and the new tracks via my rerun produced on Mixcloud;


  1. Shmoo – Head To Toe
  2. Kid Kasio – Letters of Love
  3. Paul Humphries – Like Yesterday (Destinations Historia Mix)
  4. SIN SIN – These Pretty Things
  5. Voi Vang – Cards
  6. Electric City Cowboys – Free
  7. Chvrches – The Mother We Share
  8. Blancmange – Blind Vision
  9. ] Chatting with Neil Arthur BLANCMANGE [
  10. Blancmange – Unfurnished Rooms
  12. The Frixion – What is Love
  13. Hemmingway – Frontiers
  14. Depeche Mode – Cover Me
  15. Empathy Test – Everything Will Work Out
  16.  Editors – No Harm
  17. Gary Numan – When the World Comes Apart
  18. Sombre Moon – Blurred Reality
  19. Meter Bridge – Frequent Seas
  20. Psy’Aviah – Reboot Reset Relay (ft. Fallon Nieves)
  21. Lemonade Kid – Alternative 3
  22. Train To Spain – I Follow You
  23. Eden – Good as gold
  24. Matthias – Code Feat. Mark Bebb (RADIO EDIT)
  25. White Lies – Come On
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Synth City: Ah ha October

Synth City Banner 8

Now, I’m no film critic or reviewer for that matter, but with the hype sound of Blade Runner 2049 reviews swiming around the media scene, I gave my pennies worth this week- minus spoilers. Along the way,  we spoke of gig that seem to sell out to those ticket companies, leaving fans frustrated and ticketless. On a posative note thou, we played some splendid new tracks from Curxes – Inertia – SIN.SIN – Matthias ft Mark Bebb – Hologram Teen -Tame Geius – EmT – Screens 4 Eyes. Plus we had a few old favorite artists aswell.

If you missed the live radio show, then why not check out the specially made edition rerun linked below via Mixcloud;


1As The World Stops Revolvingby Promernade Cinema

2When the World Comes Apartby Gary Numan

3Runway (Tim Callaghan Mix)by Mesh

4All Our Demonsby IAMTHESHADOW

5Greenby Jan Doyle Band

6Dream Machineby Inertia

7Fallen Famous (radio)by Lover

8Murderby Lionhearts

9Dark Belgian Discoby Frozen Nation


11Frequent Seasby Meter Bridge

12The Prisonerby Tears For Fears

13Modern ageby LorD and Master

14Code Feat. Mark Bebb (RADIO EDIT)by Matthias

15Keine Melodien 1234by Jeans Team

16Addictionby EmT

17How Long Must We Wait (Album Version)by Paul Humphies

18Secret Lifeby Screens 4 Eyes

19Cover Meby Depeche Mode

20Let Nothing Take your Pride (The Mr Strange Remix)by The Rude Awakening (Featuring Brooke Calder)

21BLACK MAGICby Vivien Glass

22Very Disco Discoveryby Tame Genius

23Ripby Future Perfect

24Post Apocalypteacakesby Hologram Teen

25These Pretty Thingsby SIN SIN

26A Million Wavesby Taff

27Octoberby Aha

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