Synth City

Synth City: The Technique minstrel

Oh my, we are almost at the end path of that there November and though it is not Christmas the read more

Synth City: A bit Climate attic

Rolling along in one of my favourite months of the year, with strong moments of remembrance observed and the reality read more

Synth City: Be Private Widdle

Well, that’s the firework season over, right?. Can we go back to normal evening and or mornings for that matter read more

Synth City: Avenues anew

Fresh into a new month and already we seem to be ramping up for a different new year already, I’ve read more

Synth City: Spooked by noise seasoning

I do feel sorry for pet owners nowadays, as I do love fireworks and all that exciting colour, but it read more

Synth City: My cliche is my Bond

For me, it has been another week of things just going in one ear and out the other, apart from read more

Synth City: Hallow be the month

We are almost in an official autumn feel, as the month tells us but the weird weather outside continues, which read more

Synth City: The Fuming searchers

Welcome to the darkness that is October, with all the spookiness of the season, with the hunt for ghouls and read more

Synth City: Fill me up buttercup

If I was an author of thriller novels or a producer of disaster movies, I’d be in my absolute element read more

Synth City: Falling forever forward

Is it coming to the end of September already, with the confusing weather carrying on and the world at large? read more

Synth City: Remembering

It’s all change for me in September and the look for pastures new is on my horizon. I always thought read more

Synth City: Bootleg and mud-ware

Well,last week was my first week off work this year and surprisingly it was relaxed, though I didn’t do the read more

Synth City: Paddling anyway

Here we are again as happy as can be, all great friends and jolly good company- I like the fact read more

Synth City: Leaf it forward

Sometimes life drags and or feels like it and sometimes it seems to speed up. The last bank holiday of read more

Synth City: Olympian TV dodger

As we try to skate along with our lives, within the ever-moving world situation and the fluctuating restriction of the read more

Synth City: Perchance to dance

I try each week to avoid mentioning the weather, honestly, I do, but it keeps on mucking things about and read more

Synth City: Gust right on

Busy as ever and the news is filled full of maddening stuff, all I want is to lay on a read more

Synth City: I am The Rain, breathe

Middle of summer you know and what a whirlwind we are within, so weird and all that mix bagged weather. read more

Synth City: Hooch in the City

Phew, what an absolute scorcher this weather has been again, how are we all so surprised by the ups and read more

Synth City: Chalk it up

Hey, July is not so bad (ah, Shut up your face), now we can look forward to the next new read more

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