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Synth City: Furnishing Blancmange

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  1. As we try to power through the mix bag that is the month of October, I had the pleasure of chatting to a music hero; Neil Arthur from Blancmange. We chatted about the new album- Unfurnished Rooms, the tour and how technology has changed in the field of creative music and loads more. Plus we had a track from the new album and a classic Blancmange track.

For more information on the band the album and their tour: [ BLANCMANGE]

More new tunes this week on the show, came from Eden – Hemmingway – The Frixion – Lemonade Kid – Paul Humphries / Destination – Electric City Cowboys – Sombre Moon – Empathy Test and the odd classic here and there.

Check out the interview and the new tracks via my rerun produced on Mixcloud;


  1. Shmoo – Head To Toe
  2. Kid Kasio – Letters of Love
  3. Paul Humphries – Like Yesterday (Destinations Historia Mix)
  4. SIN SIN – These Pretty Things
  5. Voi Vang – Cards
  6. Electric City Cowboys – Free
  7. Chvrches – The Mother We Share
  8. Blancmange – Blind Vision
  9. ] Chatting with Neil Arthur BLANCMANGE [
  10. Blancmange – Unfurnished Rooms
  12. The Frixion – What is Love
  13. Hemmingway – Frontiers
  14. Depeche Mode – Cover Me
  15. Empathy Test – Everything Will Work Out
  16.  Editors – No Harm
  17. Gary Numan – When the World Comes Apart
  18. Sombre Moon – Blurred Reality
  19. Meter Bridge – Frequent Seas
  20. Psy’Aviah – Reboot Reset Relay (ft. Fallon Nieves)
  21. Lemonade Kid – Alternative 3
  22. Train To Spain – I Follow You
  23. Eden – Good as gold
  24. Matthias – Code Feat. Mark Bebb (RADIO EDIT)
  25. White Lies – Come On
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Synth City: Ah ha October

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Now, I’m no film critic or reviewer for that matter, but with the hype sound of Blade Runner 2049 reviews swiming around the media scene, I gave my pennies worth this week- minus spoilers. Along the way,  we spoke of gig that seem to sell out to those ticket companies, leaving fans frustrated and ticketless. On a posative note thou, we played some splendid new tracks from Curxes – Inertia – SIN.SIN – Matthias ft Mark Bebb – Hologram Teen -Tame Geius – EmT – Screens 4 Eyes. Plus we had a few old favorite artists aswell.

If you missed the live radio show, then why not check out the specially made edition rerun linked below via Mixcloud;


1As The World Stops Revolvingby Promernade Cinema

2When the World Comes Apartby Gary Numan

3Runway (Tim Callaghan Mix)by Mesh

4All Our Demonsby IAMTHESHADOW

5Greenby Jan Doyle Band

6Dream Machineby Inertia

7Fallen Famous (radio)by Lover

8Murderby Lionhearts

9Dark Belgian Discoby Frozen Nation


11Frequent Seasby Meter Bridge

12The Prisonerby Tears For Fears

13Modern ageby LorD and Master

14Code Feat. Mark Bebb (RADIO EDIT)by Matthias

15Keine Melodien 1234by Jeans Team

16Addictionby EmT

17How Long Must We Wait (Album Version)by Paul Humphies

18Secret Lifeby Screens 4 Eyes

19Cover Meby Depeche Mode

20Let Nothing Take your Pride (The Mr Strange Remix)by The Rude Awakening (Featuring Brooke Calder)

21BLACK MAGICby Vivien Glass

22Very Disco Discoveryby Tame Genius

23Ripby Future Perfect

24Post Apocalypteacakesby Hologram Teen

25These Pretty Thingsby SIN SIN

26A Million Wavesby Taff

27Octoberby Aha

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Synth City: No empathy to test

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We are now in October, with some big artist names in the synth world on tour and an exciting cult sci-fi Movie sequel on its way. So my Voxless paid tribute to the original Blade Runner- care of Vangelis, as we wait and hope, that Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Gosling and of course, Harrison Ford, will actually works and as a fitting follow-up to the 1980’s pioneering scifi classic. Of course, along the way, in this weeks show we had more new tracks to delight, this week from TAFF – LorD and Master – Lover – Rare Facture – The Rude Awakening – plus a mash up from Copy Correct.

Whilst we was all feeling geek like and sci-fi, I spoke of the fact I’m moving into the home automation path, with some home gadgets and wondered who else is and what kit would you have or do have.

If you missed the live radio show this week, then please feel free to check out the rerun here on Mixcloud;


1Deadender by Neil Francis & Daysound

2Minima Lover 3.0 by Dead Or Alive vs. Pet Shop Boys [Copy Correct]

3Art Eats Art by Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

4Earth Stood Still (Nature of Wires Remix) by VV303 Ft MYCOSMO

5Let Nothing Take Your Pride (The XMS Remix) by The Rude Awakening (Featuring Brooke Calder)

6In Nobody’s Prayer by Destination feat. Stephen Newton of GLYDA

7Little Bird by Woodrowgerber

8Main Titles by Vangelis

9Bare My Soulby Empathy Test

10Come Tonight by A Million Machines

11Something or Nothing (2017) by Eltronn

12A Million Waves by Taff

13Malfunctioning Me by Christo + Marc Massive

14Returning by Formatic

15You Can See (Future Version) by Elezoria

16Subconscious Images by Rare Facture

17Dark Belgian Disco by Frozen Nation

18Tears in Rainby Vangelis

19When the World Comes Apartby Gary Numan

20All Our Demonsby IAMTHESHADOW

21Fallen Famous (radio)by Lover

22Frequent Seasby Meter Bridge

23From Dusk ’til Dawn (In The Dark Remix)by The Frixion

24Blade Runner (End Titles)by Vangelis

25Modern ageby LorD and Master

26Cover Meby Depeche Mode

27Dangers of Spaceby Vogon Poetry

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Synth City: Gold prospect

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As we wonder about the weird weather again, I had a few weird things to talk about- such as bumping into Celebrities without knowing,  a tale of low down Gold smuggling, which allowed me to sort of drop the worse punchline ever on the radio and of course, I played some music. This week we had new tracks from OMD – Elezoria – VV303 Feat MY.COSMO [Nature Of Wires remix] – IAMTHESHADOW – Woodrowgerber – Meter Bridge, plus a Voxless from Blutengel and a Live recording from class band…???

If you didnt catch the live show or what to heer it again, then please click on the Mixcloud link below;


  • 1KARMAby Shelter
  • 2Dark Belgian Discoby Frozen Nation
  • 3Death (Chase & Status Remix)by White Lies
  • 4Let Darkness Inby Machinista
  • 5How Long Must We Wait (Album Version)by Paul Humphies
  • 6Frequent Seasby Meter Bridge
  • 7On Holdby The xx
  • 8Bloodthirstyby Symbion Project
  • 9Dangers of Spaceby Vogon Poetry
  • 10You Can See (Future Version)by Elezoria
  • 11Tainted Blue (radio edit)by The Distant Minds
  • 12When the World Comes Apartby Gary Numan
  • 13This Hotel has Ghostsby Beautiful Mechanica
  • 14All Our Demonsby IAMTHESHADOW
  • 15Ghostsby Japan
  • 16California Sleepsby Croatia
  • 17Don’t Wannaby Caroline McLavy
  • 18Little Birdby Woodrowgerber
  • 19Nightmareby Dancing with Ruby
  • 20Misery Tourismby Marcel Wave
  • 21Art Eats Artby Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark
  • 22Everything Is Fallingby Killwave
  • 23Duskby Blutengel
  • 24Earth Stood Still (Nature of Wires Remix)by VV303 Ft MYCOSMO
  • 25Cover Meby Depeche Mode
  • 26In Nobody’s Prayer (Real Experts remix)by Destination feat Stephen Newton
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Synth City: Art for Art sake

Synth City Banner 8

I had a long winded country lane drive into the studio this week and it kind of set me up for my usual long winded banter- not.  We (well I) chatted briefly about Fake fashionista artisans and Banksy graffiti – it  is flexible concept n the art work.  This week new music was from Machinista – Croatia – Symbion Project – Frozen Nation – Caroline McLavy – The Distant Minds, Plus remixes for Robert Palmer via Infiction, Real Experts remix for the current Destination ft Stephen Newton Single, a rework of a single ahead of a new album from Eltronn. An of course, we also had a voxless, this week from A Copy For Collapse and I squeezed in the odd classic track along the way.

If you didnt get to join us live to enjoy, then why not check out the rerun of the show, here on Mixcloud;


1If U Ever Wonderby The Frixion

2Star Bubblesby SPECTRA paris

3Addicted To Love (InFiction Remix)by Robert Palmer

4Light Starts Dark Formsby Rare Facture

5In Nobody’s Prayer (Real Experts remix)by Destination feat Stephen Newton

6Don’t Wannaby Caroline McLavy

7Synthetic Loveby Berlyn Trilogy

8New York Nightby Shadows and Mirrors

9To Be All Aloneby FIRES

10California Sleepsby Croatia

11Dangers of Spaceby Vogon Poetry

12My Name Is Ruinby Gary Numan

13Something or Nothing (2017)by Eltronn

14Dark Belgian Discoby Frozen Nation

15Perfect Menagerieby Nature of Wires & CountessM

16Somewhere Beforeby EmT

17To Have and to Holdby Depeche Mode

18Kiss Of Vanityby Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox

19Somebodys Watching My Poker Faceby Promenade Cinema

20Tainted Blue (radio edit)by The Distant Minds

21How Long Must We Wait (Album Version)by Paul Humphies

22Grey Sundayby A Copy For Collapse

23Come Tonightby A Million Machines

24Let Darkness Inby Machinista

25I Follow Youby Train To Spain

26The Punishment of Luxuryby Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

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Synth City: Not the Apple of your eye


Synth City Banner 8

Another full to burst music show this week, as we try to ignore the troubling world weather news for a little bit. As we had new tracks this week, from EmT – Vogon Poetry – Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox – Gary Numan – Rare Facture – A Million Machines – Tiny Magnetic Pets – FIRES – Brutalist Architecture In The Sun – AKA. Plus there was the odd remix and a Voxless. We spoke about when there is new tech released; being is a gaget or something you normally use and your dissapointed [or underwelmed] , do you try it, ignore it or go back to an old model etc

I did chat about a recent Synth music featival and a few other gig things, so If you missed the live show then please check out the special edition here on Mixcloud;


1The Punishment of Luxuryby Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

2Nerveby Paul Humphries

3PLAY WITH FIRE (NK REMIX)by Vile Electrodes

4I Follow Youby Train To Spain

5Blue Unicornsby Automatic Writing

6Come Tonightby A Million Machines

7Cover Meby Depeche Mode

8Utopiaby Brutalist Architecture in the Sun

9Darker skiesby Teslacoil321

10Kiss Of Vanityby Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox

11FIREBIRDby Apache Darling

12Where I Find Myselfby Empathy Test

13Somewhere Beforeby EmT

14The Quiet Silently Waitby Promenade Cinema

15When the World Comes Apartby Gary Numan

16I Know There’s Something Going Onby Sun Goes Dark

17To Be All Aloneby FIRES

18Destroy Everything You Touchby Ladytron

19Leave the World to Us (Original Mix)by Factory Acts

20Poison Heartby Model Depose

21Dangers of Spaceby Vogon Poetry

22Here Comes The Noise (White)by Tiny Magnetic Pets

23Pauseby AkA

24Light Starts Dark Formsby Rare Facture

25Permeateby Heliophile

26Closure (Parralox Remix)by Neil Francis

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Synth City: We are there

Synth City Banner

Damp and misty September is here already, wow…it will soon be Christmas at this rate; well it is in some shops already– so we need not wait for I guess.  Speaking of which, in the studio, we had Paul Humphries, who has his debut album out- How Long Must We Wait. We played a few tracks from this album and chatted about its inception, the why Fors on the title and the upcoming debut live gig in London and a few geek moments; questions wise- check it all out below.

Along with new from Paul, we had also new tracks from Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark, Depeche Mode, Model Depose and Teslacoil321, along with a few remixes, the odd classic artist and a Voxless, care of our studio guest. If you missed the live show, then please check out the catch-up edition here via Mixcloud;


1 Christiana Obey (Radio Edit Tenek Remix) by Republica

2 Mysterious Souls by Hot Pink Abuse

3 Rabies (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Remix) by Naked Lunch

4 Calypso by Water Low

5 Seedy City by EmT

6 The Punishment of Luxury by OMD

7 Crystal by ACTORS

8 This Might Be Something by Honey Beard

9 How Long Must We Wait (Album Version) by Paul Humphries

10 Chatting with Paul Humphries – new album and debut gig type stuff

11 Nerve by Paul Humphries

12 Drive Ride by Iversen

13 New York Night by Shadows and Mirrors

14 This Is A Love Song! by Among The Echoes

15 Cover Me by Depeche Mode

16 Poison Heart by Model Depose

17 Herculaneum Rock by Loka

18 In Nobody’s Prayer by Destination feat. Stephen Newton

19 The Dreaming by Kate Bush

20 Spotlight by Promenade Cinema

21 If U Ever Wonder (Inertia Remix) by The Frixion

22 Green by Jan Doyle Band

23 Like Yesterday (Instrumental) by Paul Humphries

24 Are We Lost by Precog

25 Darker skies by Teslacoil321

26 Copenhagen by Orbital

27 I Follow You by Train To Spain

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Synth City: All the Smash Hits

Synth City Banner

As we conclude another month and possibly the Summer, we delight in yet more new albums and EP’s. This week we had new tracks from Train To Spain – Honey Beard – Destination ft Stephen Newton – Shadows & Mirrors – Circuit3 – Tiny Magnetic Pets – Jan Doyle Band -Water Low, plus a few new remixes along the way. With all the current talk about vinyl records and cassette tape and this ongoing retro scene, I wondered if the teen pop magazine, Smash Hits, could ever return to print- I missed the in-depth questions they gently teased the artists of the day with. Btw: my fave colour is Green…

If You missed the live show and all the banter and tunes, then why not check out the rerun via Mixcloud:


1 74 Is the New 24 by Giorgio Moroder

2 Change Of Heart by Parralox

3 If U Ever Wonder (Promenade Cinema Remix) by The Frixion

4 Spotlight by Promenade Cinema

5 Lights Out (Legendary House Cats Remix) by Slighter feat. Craig Joseph Huxtable

6 I Follow You by Train To Spain

7 Fireproof featuring BetaPSI by Gjart

8 The Educators by Heliophile

9 One night by LorD and Master

10 In Nobody’s Prayer by Destination feat. Stephen Newton

11 Bad Connection by Circuit3

12 Going Backwards (Point Point Remix) by Depeche Mode

13 Crystal by ACTORS

14 Glow by Naked Lunch

15 Green by Jan Doyle Band

16 Herculaneum Rock by Loka

17 Dont Lose Control by IEuropean

18 Alive by The Lunchbox Surrender

19 Calypso by Water Low

20 Drive Ride by Iversen

21 Glory Days by Color Theory

22 New York Night by Shadows and Mirrors

23 And It All Began with You by Gary Numan

24 Imitation Of Life (Pre-MIDI Remix) by Tenek

25 Cloud Sequence by Tiny Magnetic Pets

26 Rosabelle, Believe by Cult With No Name

27 This Might Be Something by Honey Beard

28 Kirrilee by Empathy Test

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Synth City: All I ever Knew

Synth City Banner

Another packed show of new music, with yet another selection of international and UK based unsigned artists; with a few legends here and there. New tracks this week from: Loka – Gjart ft BetaPSI – Slighter Ft Craig Josepth Huxtable [care of ‘Legendary House Cats], a Voxless from Ondes Mortes. We had new album tracks taken from LorD and Master, Gary Numan and Cult With No Name. Plus a another track from the Yazoo –Upstairs at Eric tribute album ‘All I Ever Knew’ from Circuit3; and the track played, is featuring a few voices on there- namely moi. This album itself has a few reworkings with all new vocalists and is available to download and buy now.. so celebrate 35th aniversary of this classic album with a stunning tribute. Look here for yours:. All I Ever Knew

We dropped the odd remix; as they say, talked forthcoming gigs – Naked Lunch kicks off their tour Sept 29th. Iversen plays london Set 6th and Synthetic City London at the Water Rats is Sept 9th {tickets for all are available now].

If you missed all this, from the live show, well why not try out the rerun edition on Mixcloud;


1 Burning Car by John Foxx

2 Domus Aurea by Berlyn Trilogy

3 Strangelove (Tim Simenon Mark Saunders Remix) by Depeche Mode

4 How Long Must We Wait (Real Experts Remix) by Paul Humphries


6 Herculaneum Rock by Loka

7 If U Ever Wonder (The Department Remix) by The Frixion

8 Dont Lose Control by IEuropean

9 Bare My Soul by Empathy Test

10 Rosabelle, Believe by Cult With No Name

11 Drive Ride by Iversen

12 What’s Your Poison by Knights

13 Let Me Go by Heaven 17

14 Fireproof featuring BetaPSI by Gjart

15 Crocodile Tears by Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox

16 I don’t know why I can’t decide by Milan

17 One night by LorD and Master

18 The Educators by Heliophile

19 L’appel Du Vide by ACTORS

20 Razor’s Kiss by Naked Lunch

21 I Before E Except After C by Circuit3

22 Spotlight by Promenade Cinema

23 And It All Began with You by Gary Numan

24 Holding On (Instrumental) by Ondes Mortes

25 Lights Out (Legendary House Cats Remix) by Slighter feat. Craig Joseph Huxtable

26 Bury It by Chvrches feat Hayley Williams

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Synth City: A wave of genres

Synth City Banner

During this weeks show, some of you may have been on Facebook and other platforms and noted, I was trying out the varies ‘live’ broadcast things…..which confirmed I have the face for radio. And whilst I was being controversial, I chatted about the Genre of ‘Synth Wave‘. and asked, is this hurting new electronic / synth artists, as people will be more likely to call ALL synth bands ..80’s bands – is this good or bad, does it matter????

We had a stunning Yazoo cover from Circuit3 this week, plus new tracks from Alan Dreezer – Shelter – Tiny Magnetic Pets [which featured Wolfgang Flur] – Iversen – Gary Numan. We had remixes from Vogon Poetry, Paul Humphries and EmT along the way.

If you missed the live videos and more importantly the show, then no worries, as you can listen again via Mixcloud;


1 Travelator (Pt 2) by Jean Michel Jarre & Pete Townshend

2 The Quiet Silently Wait by Promenade Cinema

3 The Heart of Gold (Humble Hop Remix by Egil Axelsson) by Vogon Poetry

4 No More Hipsters by Tame Genius

5 Copenhagen by Orbital

6 Now by Alan Dreezer

7 I can’t win by LorD and Master

8 Danger Finds Me by Woodrowgerber

9 The Dirty Ones by Brutalist Architecture in the Sun

10 KARMA by Shelter

11 Seedy City (The Frixion Mix) by EmT

12 If U Ever Wonder by The Frixion

13 Too Pieces by Circuit3

14 Elstree by The Buggles

15 Summertime by Vague Notion

16 Automaton by Jamiroquai

17 Radio On by Tiny Magnetic Pets

18 Different Planet by ElektroFish

19 Everything Lasts an Age by Cult With No Name.

20 What God Intended by Gary Numan

21 Crystal by ACTORS

22 How Long Must We Wait (Judas Matrix Remix) by Paul Humphries

23 Light by Talvin Singh

24 Drive Ride by Iversen

25 Star System by Since November

26 Going Backwards by Depeche Mode

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