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Rob a Radio Presenter/producer, who has been involved in broadcasting within the Radio medium for around 20 plus years. From Restricted Service Licence [RSLs] radio projects, Hospital radio stations and Local Independent commercial Radio stations. Rob provides voice work and specialist event DJ support. FACEBOOK group; Synth city - Rob can also be heard via Mixcloud (/robrv) - Rob's own Web:

Synth City: Hot in the City


Spring has apparently finally arrived, despite that chilly wind and all that there snow malarky and the general weird winter like weather- I will attempt to start a blog without a weather mention one day- I can’t promise. This weekend coming, I’m to DJ at an awesome event called Synthetic City London, [Saturday March 24th] – a show that will see 11 electronic artists from around the world converge on famous The Water Rats in Kings Cross. I did mention this in the show the odd few times and gave you a wee taster, in the main as I will be playing the tunes in between all the 11 acts, with no stand in… and no it’s not for charity, I’m a marta to the cause…..

New music on the show for this week, came from The Slow Readers Club – Junksista – 199X – Keldari Station – Vague Notion – Spray – Paul Handley – nTTX, plus the odd remix and artists I’ve not played for a while. If you missed the live show, then feel free to rerun the show via the special editin on Mixcloud, below the tracklist;


1The London Sound by Johnny Normal

2Ouseburn by Twist Helix

3Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix) by Depeche Mode

4If I Don’t Go (I Can’t Come Back) by Real Experts feat Bridget Gray

5Jagged Line by New Neon

6You Opened Up My Heart by Slow Readers Club

7Comrades by Rodney Cromwell

8The Bomb by Vandal Moon

9Gillette, the best a man can get by 199X

10Freak At Heart by JUNKSISTA

11When I Was A Girl by Cult With No Name

12The Sound Of Harm by Velma Latrine

13On The Run by Seadrake

14Big Electric Heart by Keldari Station

15Showing My Face by ShapeShiftingAliens

16Sea of Dreams by Trans Atlantic Crush

17Seeds of Doubt by Vague Notion

18Norway by Promenade Cinema

19Just Like Me Just Like You by Daysound ft. Neil Francis

20Anthologised By Cherry Red by Spray

21Flowers On The Moon by Stereo In Solo

22Rule The Day by Perpacity

23A Brighter Day by Paul Handley

24Take It All by Reflection

25Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

26Straight Up Beaver Time by nTTx

27Dream On by Fused (feat Stephen Newton)

28Trump 45 Version by Dicepeople feat The Brooklyn Foundation

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Synth City: Art Of Service


As the new month Marches on [I use this gag every year I think], I briefly chatted about Iow rent type customer service, that I have experienced this week and asked, can we get Great customer service in the UK, and what was your last rubbish experience of this.  I did my bit to serve up great new music, and this week we heard new tracks from Dicepeople [ft The Brookly Foundation] – Reflection – New Neon – Fused [ft Stephen Newton] – Velma Latrine – Levinsky – Vandal Moon, plus a few classic artsits along the way.  We had more gig chat as well and I mentioned my recent gig, where I caught the legends that are The Art Of Noise; I did forget to mention they had a great support act that night, a DJ Called DJ FOOD…who was awesome in his own right.

Feel free to catch the rerun of this weeks live radio show, via Mixcloud – the link is below;


1Flowers On The Moon by Stereo In Solo

2Spotlight by Promenade Cinema

3Let Us Go (E39 NYC Club Mix) by Milan

4Seedy City by EmT

5Showing My Face by ShapeShiftingAliens

6Trump 45 Version by Dicepeople feat The Brooklyn Foundation

7Where’s The Revolution (clean edit) by Depeche Mode

8You look like Warhol by Photona

9Bury Me by Actors

10Take It All by Reflection

11We Were The Kings by Shiny Darkness

12My Name Is Ruin by Gary Numan

13Ain’t Over Yet (Radio Edit) by Global Citizen

14Jagged Line by New Neon

15Plan B (ft Kyoko Baertsoen) (SD-KRTR remix) by PSYAVIAH

16Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

17Dream On by Fused (feat Stephen Newton)

18Everything Will Work Out by Empathy Test

19Elektronische by V-Sor,X

20The Sound Of Harm by Velma Latrine

21Shameless Fashion (Radio Edit) by Visage

22Comrades by Rodney Cromwell

23Violent Appetites by Levinsky

24Dive by VEiiLA

25Beyond The Veil (Radio Edit) by Jigsaw Sequence

26The Bomb by Vandal Moon

27FLUID LIKE WATER by Hemmingway

28Eighth Day by Massive Ego

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Synth City: Lucky man


I am all about the seasons you know, as I do seem to mention the weather a bit [ A typical British curse I guess] and now the freak snow blanket has passed us locally, it is all for Spring and the more fortunate weather to enjoy; talking of Fortune, this week I managed to gain two extra bags of crisps from a works vending machine the other day- the joy ah. I did ask of luck like that from others during the show, as I’m nosy like that. Anyway, back to the meat of the blog- New music on the show wise, this week we had: PsyAviah – Hemmingway – Rodney Cromwell – Jigsaw Sequence – Shiny Darkness – Shape Shifting Aliens, plus two new remixes, one from Austerity Complex and the other from New Neon, plus a stunning reworking of an Hazel O’Conner classic track, care of Massive Ego. We also talked about exciting music gigs, as now March is underway there are a few mini tours and some special live shows to see.


1The Alternative by IAMX

2Godhead by The Stir fry Pop star

3Mystery Girl (Kino Vision Remix) by Austerity Complex

4Domus Aurea by Berlyn Trilogy

5NE1 (Clean Version) by Reanimated Boy

6Plan B (ft Kyoko Baertsoen) (SD-KRTR remix) by PSYAVIAH

7Noise Zombie (Synthmaster Mix) by Eric C Powell

8HereAfter by Sombre Moon

9Corrupt (edit) by Depeche Mode

10FLUID LIKE WATER by Hemmingway

11Flowers On The Moon by Stereo In Solo

12Sparkle by TENEDLE

13Eighth Day by Massive Ego

14Comrades by Rodney Cromwell

15Evidence by Vile Electrodes

16Everything Will Be Alright by The Killers

17Beyond The Veil (Radio Edit) by Jigsaw Sequence

18Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

19We Were The Kings by Shiny Darkness

20You look like Warhol by Photona

21Sea of Dreams by Trans Atlantic Crush

22New Pulse (A-Bit Remix) by New Neon

23Elektronische by V-Sor,X

24Polaroid Stranger by Promenade Cinema

25Showing My Face by ShapeShiftingAliens

26If U Must Dance by Sinosa

27Connected by Amino

If you missed the live edition of the show, then check out the specially made RERUN on Mixcloud, on this page; CLICK N SHARE

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Synth City: Snow you don’t


The last show of february 2018 and we have snow about us and with that comes some flapping and excuses to get out of things you didnt want to do, still its ok to chill with my show- Top excuse: I thank you. We had another great selection of new tracks to deliver this week, and this time from: Sinosa – V-Sor,X – Eric C Powell – Tenedle – Promenade Cinema – Chris Payne’s Electronic Circus – Stereo In Solo – Reanimated Boy, plus some hot new remixes from Massive Ego and Junksista. There was even time to mention Soft Cell playing a special gig, and the odd classic track.

Feel free to click on the Mixcloud link, which is below the tracklist, and sample the rerun of the entire radio show;


1Get Out by Chvrches

2Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

3Let Go (Brando Remix) by Massive Ego

4Control (Space March Remix) by JUNKSISTA

5If I Don’t Go (I Can’t Come Back) by Real Experts feat Bridget Gray

6If U Must Dance by Sinosa

7Strange Stubborn Proud (ft Kurt Harland Larson of Information Society) by ELYXR

8What! (Extended Version Original 12 Edit) by Soft Cell

9Sea of Dreams by Trans Atlantic Crush

10Elektronische by V-Sor,X

11ss tab by We Are Parasols


13Shroud by Damsel in the Dollhouse

14Noise Zombie (Synthmaster Mix) by Eric C Powell

15A Pain That Im Used To by Depeche Mode

16Twist Helix by Ouseburn

17Sparkle by TENEDLE

18Polaroid Stranger by Promenade Cinema

19Stock Image Model by Promenade Cinema

20Krakatoa by Chris Paynes Electronic Circus

21Loneliness by High Rise Finale

22UNTIL THE TIME by Le Groupe Fantastique

23Flowers On The Moon by Stereo In Solo

24Godhead by The Stir fry Pop star

25A Million Like Us by Sinestar

26NE1 (Clean Version) by Reanimated Boy

27HereAfter by Sombre Moon

28Let Me Go by Heaven 17

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Synth City: Plate up gannet


I have to say it is getting busier and busier out there in new music world- lots of new submissions, I often don’t have the enough time now, to go through enough albums and single before each show, but luckily the music I did get to check-out for this show is always worth it. We had new tracks this week from: The Stirfry Popstar – Twist Helix – ELYXR – Real Experts feat Bridget Gray – Matthias – The Frixion – We are Parasols – Shadows and Mirrors, plus the odd classic track as per. We talked about gigs and I spoke of the gannet’s who go to these ‘eat all you can’ eateries and pile their plates, but struggle to actually clear them- random I know. Of course I know you guys eat well and don’t over do the portions… still if you like seconds of the show…??

Why not check out the rerun of the radio show, put together via Mixcloud below the tracklist;


1Romeo and Juliet (feat. James New) by Fotonovela

2Nightwatch by Model Depose

3Manipulation (Gelting Remix) by Neonsol

4Sea of Dreams by Trans Atlantic Crush

5UNTIL THE TIME by Le Groupe Fantastique

6Godhead by The Stir fry Pop star

7Sense Of Discovery by Simple Minds

8HereAfter by Sombre Moon

9The Black Hit Of Space by Beborn Beton

10Twist Helix by Ouseburn

11Shallow Under Skin by Dicepeople Moi Saint

12Polaroid Stranger by Promenade Cinema

13Control by JUNKSISTA

14Strange Stubborn Proud (ft Kurt Harland Larson of Information Society) by ELYXR

15Connected by Amino

16Loneliness by High Rise Finale

17Dreaming Of Me by Depeche Mode

18If I Don’t Go (I Can’t Come Back) by Real Experts feat Bridget Gray

19Get Out by Chvrches

20Heartfelt by Matthias

21Covered Up by Static Shore

22Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

23Occupations by Inhalt

24Make Believe by Naked Lunch by We Are Parasols

25Friends by The Livelong June

26Son of Sam by Shadows & Mirrors


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Synth City: Synth my Valentine


This is or used to be, one of my favourite times of the year, my Birthday stuck next to Valentines Day and Pancake day, surprisingly I’d prefer to combine them to just love ROB Day- well they say food is love afterall. New music wise this week, came from: Amino – The Distant Minds – High Rise Finale – Sombre Moon – Simple Minds – Leaving Richmond – Trans Atlantic Crush – Le Groupe Fantastique, plus a fine selection of remixes and the odd classic track.

If you missed the live radio broadcast, then why not check out the rerun of the entire show via Mixcloud below;


1Just Another Day by Mikro

2A Million Like Us by Sinestar

3Where You Reside (Darren Weight Mix) by Rare Facture

4Ghosts (Silent Gloves Remix) by Soviet

5Aftermath (ft Ellia Bisker) by PSYAVIAH

6Connected by Amino

7Metal & Dust by London Grammar

8Get Out by Chvrches

9Ghost Machine (Album Mix) by Circuit3


11Polaroid Stranger by Promenade Cinema

12Norway by Promenade Cinema

13BROKEN PEOPLE by Syntheads

14Loneliness by High Rise Finale

15Green by Jan Doyle Band

16She’s Lost Her Soul (Radio Edit) by Leg Puppy

17The Fear Inside by Among The Echoes

18HereAfter by Sombre Moon

19Sense Of Discovery by Simple Minds

20Communications by Leaving Richmond

21Sea of Dreams by Trans Atlantic Crush

22Wrong by Depeche Mode

23All Our Demons by IAMTHESHADOW

24Control by JUNKSISTA

25UNTIL THE TIME by Le Groupe Fantastique

26Too Far Gone by New Neon

27Upstairs In Wonderland by Copy Correct

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Synth City: Steer the star

Starting a busy month for me, with a little studio chat with locally based musician Peter Steer, one half of Tenek and contributing and supporting artist to Bristol’s Sinestar. Peter joined me to chat about all things Sinestar as we prepare for their home turf album launch. We had an exclusive track from A Million Like Us by Sinestar and heard from Peter about some reissues material from the Tenek back catalogue to look forward to. New tracks on the show featured a mash up and a remix, as we heard new from Copy Correct – Chvrches – Sinestar – New Neon – Psyaviah – Among the Echoes – Sombre Monn (Fused Remix), along with a classic Voxless and loads more banter- like tips on how to buy more Synths without the wife knowing.

Check out the rerun of this weeks live show, now on Mixcloud;


1If U Ever Wonder by The Frixion

2Big TV by White Lies

3Upstairs In Wonderland by Copy Correct

4Control by JUNKSISTA

5Get Out by Chvrches

6Sealed by Fourth Engine

7Orchestrated Honesty by Dancing with Ruby

8A Million Like Us by Sinestar

9Smilling On The Inside by Sinestar

10Echoplex by Nine Inch Nails

11All the Same by Tenek

12Too Far Gone by New Neon

13Rule The Day by Perpacity

14Polaroid Stranger by Promenade Cinema

15Aftermath (ft Ellia Bisker) by PSYAVIAH

16Black Friday by Le Groupe Fantastique

17When the Machines Rock by Gary Numan & Tubeway Army

18No Regrets by Jaani Peuhu

19The Fear Inside by Among The Echoes

20Where’s The Revolution (clean edit) by Depeche Mode

21BROKEN PEOPLE by Syntheads

22When I Was A Girl by Cult With No Name

23Blurred Reality (Fused Remix) by Sombre Moon

24X-Ray Eyes by Shmoo


Synth City: Resolution woes


Blimey, last show of January and we had to check on people new years resolutions; to which I had none and so it would seem had you. Lucikly we subconsciously resolved to hear and see more music in 2018- week I’m here to help. I mentioned a few new gigs and Played some new tracks for your ear bits, in line with all that. We had new music from Jonteknik – Promenade Cinema [a track from their debut album] – Syntheads – Le Groupe Fantastique – New Neon – Simple Minds – The Livelong June, plus a great new remix for Sombre Moon, care of Daysound. Along with the odd current artist type tune and the kind of chat not the least worth bugging Comrade.

If you missed the live radio show, then check out and support the rerun via Mixcloud;


1Lies by Chvrches

2Art Eats Art by Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

3Blurred Reality (Daysound Remix) by Sombre Moon

4Disarray by High Rise Finale

5No Limit by Herhuth AfterDark

6Please Please Please by Jonteknik

7Empty Room by dEk101

8Reanimated Boy by Reanimated Boy

9Everything Will Work Out by Empathy Test

10Polaroid Stranger by Promenade Cinema

11Sacrifice by Tayne

12Shallow Under Skin by Dicepeople x Moi Saint

13Do it (Like An Real Expert Mix) by EmT

14BROKEN PEOPLE by Syntheads

15Dream On (EdoEldar RMX) by Depeche Mode

16Better Days (Single Edit) by Eltronn

17We Are The Wild Ones by Nina

18Black Friday by Le Groupe Fantastique

19Stormfront (2016 Single Remix) by Inertia

20Control by JUNKSISTA

21Only You (Scyia Remix Edit) by New Neon

22The Magician by 243 Ida

23The Signal And The Noise by Simple Minds

24The Last Waltz (Instrumental) by Charlotte Someone ft Lokka Vox

25Rule The Day by Perpacity

26Star System by Since November

27Friends by The Livelong June

28Take It Fast by Woodrowgerber

29A Million Like Us by Sinestar

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Synth City: Noise of Art


This is the place where I look back over the show that has just been broadcast live, which is odd really as its better to listen then to read my grammer failed waffle. Still it is all kind of part of the art of modern radio, and talking of ART…’oh, Seamless link‘. I meantioned on the chatty bit of my  show, that The Art Of Noise will be playing a special reboot gig at the British Library in March and as I’ve missed a few bands and artists from the 1980/90’s, so I felt I couldn’t really pass up this oppotunity. I wondered who you had yet to see live….. synth artist wise. [You can still let me know in the comments section here]

New music this week came from another varied selection of artists; some singles and some album tracks; Perpacity – Junksista – Woodrowgerber – High Rise Finale – Jonteknik – Reanimated Boy – Tayne, plus a few new remixes along the way as per- see the old tracklisting below….


1Magic by Simple Minds

2A Million Like Us by Sinestar

3Children of Mine (Obsession of Time Remix) by Vogon Poetry

4Closer (Stereospread Remix) by Diamond Field & Rat Rios

5Rule The Day by Perpacity

6Invisable (Radio Edit) by Luuk Lagrange

7K.I.S.S Feat Chronica by From Apes to Angels

8Legs (Black Sand’s Painted Lipstick Mix) by Art Of Noise

9The Magician by 243 Ida

10Control by JUNKSISTA

11Desolation by Sun Goes Dark

12Cold by Roman Zayats

13Better Days (Single Edit) by Eltronn

14Take It Fast by Woodrowgerber

15003 SFX by This is SC

16Photographic by Depeche Mode


18Clown by BOO

19Disarray by High Rise Finale

20To What I Dont Know (Iris remix) by Lionhearts

21Shallow Under Skin by Dicepeople x Moi Saint

22B4 Gordons Gin by Jonteknik

23Reanimated Boy by Reanimated Boy

24Space Invaders by Electronic Circus

25Under My Skin by Tenek

26X-Ray Eyes by Shmoo

27Sacrifice by Tayne

28Good Feeling 18 by Lemonade Kid

29No Limit by Herhuth AfterDark

If you didnt catch the full on live show, then maybe try out the rerun of the show, here on Mixcloud;

Leave a comment on the show and the music we shared….. go on. 


Synth City: Mr Magoo


In a week in which I was getting to grips with new occupational glasses, I think I managed to press all the right buttons and in the right order. I spoke of foolishly agreeing to a Buy one offer on those glasses, and wondered who else feel into that sopposed BOGOF trap. Musiccally this week, we marked the fact that on January 16th 1990, the release of Depeche Mode‘s Enjoy The Silence hit the airwaves and got set for one of the all time best albums. New music wise we had another good mixure I feel, with new from: Herhuth AferDark – Dicepeople + Moi Saint – Electronic Circus [Chris Payne] – Luuk Lagrange – Sun Goes Dark – Roman Zayats – 243 Ida. We had some cool remixes aswell, and the voxless stayed in 1990 too….. plus, oh check us out…

If you missed the actual broadcast show, then why not spare a moment or two and listen to the rerun on MIXCLOUD, which is linked blow the Tracklist;


1Flames by Spacebuoy

2X-Ray Eyes by Shmoo

3Mechanical Men (Kevin Lux Remix) by Kretz

4To What I Dont Know (Iris remix) by Lionhearts

5You look like Warhol by Photona

6No Limit by Herhuth AfterDark

7Good Feeling 18 by Lemonade Kid

8Children of Mine by Vogon Poetry

9New Pulse by New Neon

10Shallow Under Skin by Dicepeople x Moi Saint

11Frozen Milk 77 by Analogue Electronic Whatever

12Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

13Concrete Love Song by Brutalist Architecture In the Sun

14Space Invaders by Electronic Circus

15Segmentation � Targeting � Positioning by Le Clique

16Lost It All ( Ft. Tay) by Roee Yeger & Roby Fayer

17No Guarantee by Hettie

18Invisable (Radio Edit) by Luuk Lagrange

19Right Now by Father Tiger

20A Million Like Us by Sinestar

21Blurred Reality by Sombre Moon

22Desolation by Sun Goes Dark

23Dive by VEiiLA

24Magic by Simple Minds

25Cold by Roman Zayats

26Memphisto (Single Version) by Depeche Mode

27The Magician by 243 Ida

28Everything Will Work Out by Empathy Test

29Just Like Me Just Like You by Daysound ft. Neil Francis

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