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Compare and Contrast: Analyzing the 5 Best Types of Mattress for You

One-third of your life you’ll spend asleep, which means it’s very important to look for a mattress that answers all your needs. The main factors to consider when buying a new mattress are your sleeping position, your mattress not giving you the comfort you need, your kids and pets always squeeze in at night, and how much you are going to spend.

While many people already have an answer to these questions, there is still a clueless majority. Mainly, buying a new mattress is not something you often do, so you will need to choose carefully. While others maybe don’t have the idea at all as there are many different types of mattresses. With that said, all you need is a little enlightenment, so here are the best types of mattresses that you should know about.

Latex Mattress

When you plan to buy a new mattress, whether you can afford them or not yet, you can never exclude Latex mattresses from your lists. This is because they are the most comfortable bed out there. If you compare them to Memory foam, Latex mattresses are more firm and durable. Not only that, but with Latex mattresses, you can sleep cooler because they are made from natural products that help you feel the sensational feeling while asleep.

In spite of that, they are one of the heaviest types of mattresses, so this makes them difficult to move, especially when you clean them. Although there are different sizes of latex mattresses, it will still require extra effort to move them. To ensure you’re on the right path in buying your mattress, you may want to browse the internet and look for trusted companies that offer the best mattress brand.

Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most recommended types of mattresses is Memory foam. They become popular because of how they can help your body avoid pains like backaches and arthritis. So if you want to lessen the chance of having those pains, memory foam is what you are in for the market. Besides, this mattress has a dense structure which means it can be hypoallergenic. Hence, dust and mold won’t make it to your bed.

However, Memory foam can retain body heat which means it can become hotter during warm seasons. With that said, since summer is around the corner, many people tend not to use this mattress because it can be very uncomfortable, and the result would be you’ll wake up often at night. But it would still depend on your preference as sleeping is subjective.

Airbed Mattress

One of the best features of an Airbed mattress is they are portable and convenient. If you want to spend your time with your family somewhere else, you can always bring with you your Airbed mattress. Not only that, but this is also one of the best convenient solutions when you have unexpected guests staying for the night as you can easily pump that air inside the mattress when it’s bedtime.

Despite that, an airbed mattress is not a preferable long-term investment as it can easily get ripped. With that said, you cannot use them for decades, unlike those mattresses mentioned above. Aside from that, the airbed mattress has a shorter warranty; so if there are issues with your pump, you’ll be spending for repairs. In this regard, it would be best to ask yourself first if you need an Airbed mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

Whether you remember it or not, you may have already used an Innerspring mattress at some point in your life. The reason is that they are widely available, very common, and one of the most affordable mattresses on the market. But what really makes them famous is that they do not retain body heat to make the surface of the bed breathable.

However, Innerspring mattresses usually don’t have a long life. And as a result, they have been outpowered by the new ones, like the Pocket spring mattress, which we will discuss in another section. Aside from that, this mattress is not suitable for side sleepers as it doesn’t help you align your body, unlike other mattresses that aligning users’ bodies is their primary purpose.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring mattress overpowered innerspring mattresses because they are durable and an excellent long-term investment. Besides, they become one of the couple’s favorite mattresses because they can absorb movement from the surface and below. The biggest factor for this is the fabric casing in the coil, so if you or your partner move a lot while asleep, this might be the answer for both of you.

The drawback of Pocket spring mattresses is that they are heavy. As a result, it is very hard to clean them, and you will always need to have a cleaning schedule for this mattress. Why? Because beneath, dust mites might create a perfect environment for them to multiply. Lastly, since they are more developed than Innerspring, this makes them more costly as well. But you can surely manage that.


Choosing the best mattress for you is tricky sometimes because all you will hear are the pros about them, especially when you’re in the showroom. However, those mentioned above are the best types of mattresses with their pros and cons that may help you choose one. Some cons are manageable, and some of them have the same pros. To ensure you get the best type of mattress, always check customer’s reviews and ratings.

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