Kitty & Dulcie talking Wedding Dresses!

I love a good wedding and I went to a brilliant one at the weekend. Congratulations to the lovely Dee Hunter. Never seen so many musicians in one place!

Listen again to the hilarious chat with Kirstie & Shelly from Kitty & Dulcie.[audio:|titles=20111006120010 Kitty & Dulcie edited]

Talking of weddings, my lovely guests in the studio were Shelley & Kirstie from Kitty & Dulcie. What is Kitty & Dulcie, well if you are thinking of getting married and need a wedding dress you can order direct on line. Yes.. online. The dresses are superb design, beautiful material and afford prices which start from 250.00! Brilliant idea in these cash strapped times.

Sneak a peek in the Kitty & Dulcie online boutique then “Ooh” and “Aah” over their gorgeous wedding dresses.

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