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Maldives Finest offers exclusive private island for luxury holidays

Maldives is certainly one of the most extravagant holiday destinations in the world and it is attracting wealthy businessmen and celebrities to stroll their stunning beaches. Apart from being blissful in natural harmony the resorts are well known of its luxury lifestyle features. Some tourists prefer private villa on the beach while others want to life over the water, Maldives offers perfect choices for both types of clients.

Until recently the luxurious villas were located in isolated areas of azure lagoon and uses a small shuttle boat get access the private. While plenty of facilities are provided in the villa and there is a personal butler available around the clock there is little need to visit the main island of resort. Mostly guests visit for watersports, diving, spa or some special dinners. Regular meals are usually served in the villa by the butler.

The newest addition to their luxury lineup is the concept of private island which is available book exclusively through Maldives Finest and they can also arrange VIP service in the airport, so you need not wait at the immigration queue upon arrival. There is at least one of those islands that are very popular. There is just one beach villa and one water villa on the island, an additional beach residence for caretakers or family members. The two main villas come with its own private pool and multiple bedrooms. All in all it can accommodate upto 24 guests. Despite that, there are just couples booking and living on the entire private island. Just 2 people on an island may feel like living in your own world. It comes at hefty price tag but the travel agent justifies it with the rare experience they provide.

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