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How Effective Is Online Therapy?

Though the coronavirus pandemic led to a great deal of heartache, pain, and anguish, there is something of a resultant silver lining that can be taken from the way we, as a society, rolled with the punches. 

Take, for instance, the manner in which we sought to maximize the use of the internet to help improve our severely restricted lives. Much of our escape came via our connection to the world, via the web, and some aspects really grew and evolved for the greater good.

The psychological effects of the COVID crisis were massive, and many of us experienced stress, anxiety, and other mental strains due to the new ‘normal’ we had to get used to. It is a state that still exists in many of us. 

One service that really made significant advances both during this period and following it is online therapy. Though initially this was borne out of necessity, in so much as people were unable to leave their houses to visit a practitioner, it is now something of a cultural sea-change that continues to grow.

The Rise of Online Therapy

Much as with our widespread use of online services, the rise in online therapy is based on a societal shift in behaviors. In other words, just as we moved from buying our groceries in person to buying online, a host of other services have just become preferable to us all in 2023. 

However, there are many demonstrable benefits to having therapy sessions conducted in an online fashion; here are just a few. 

The Benefits of Conducting Therapy Online

The benefits of online therapy are myriad. Here are just a few clear upsides to adopting this form of treatment.


Some that would like to visit a therapist may not be able to do so due to their circumstances, which may be related to the geographical location they reside in or their own personal health conditions.

This means that conducting a therapy session online is more accessible, as is the choice itself. In other words, by having therapy online, there is a much more comprehensive array of professionals you can select from.

Therapy from Home 

Some individuals who are new to therapy as a whole are not too keen on the idea of visiting one in an unknown location. They may prefer the idea of having their session from the comfort of their own home.

This, in turn, will make many users far more likely to garner real benefits from the therapy sessions themselves as they are in a more relaxed setting that is conducive to the process itself.


If you live a busy life, perhaps juggling a job or family commitments, or perhaps even both, then trying to find time for those all-important sessions can be very tricky indeed. By using an online therapy provider, you’ll find that it’s a far more flexible service.

That’s because you can find counselors and therapists that also benefit from the flexibility, as they too may prefer to conduct their sessions at times that suit them. So in this way, online therapy is a win/win for all parties concerned. 

Technological Advancements

Perhaps as little as a few years ago, the idea of online therapy would have seemed inappropriate or unworkable due to the quality of the tools needed to make such a concept viable.

Fortunately, technological advancements mean that the sessions you take part in can be pretty much the same as if you were at a face-to-face appointment. Strides made in the video calling and mobile connection fields mean that the barriers that existed before are no longer present.

This is something of a game-changer in the field and is sure to lead to a marked increase in the number and scale of online appointments.


The cost of online therapy is, on the whole, less than you might pay for in-person consultations. There are many reasons for this, but the key one, as with all other online services, is the lack of overhead costs. 

Many therapists now also take their appointments from home or offices within a close distance, and the savings they make are also felt by their patients.


Some patients are very sensitive about their therapy and don’t want to accidentally stumble upon people they may know, and even the potential for encountering acquaintances while en route to one may prove a stumbling block. 

Having sessions online takes away such apparent risks and makes the sessions even more private and secure.

Things to Consider Before Trying Online Therapy

There are some potential limitations to consider, and for those for which it is relevant, you should take heed of the best online therapy that takes insurance, though this is an area that is fast improving as the industry itself grows and advances. 

Additionally, you need to be very cautious about any services you sign up with online, and we’d highly recommend that you research the providers you use. Initially, we’d suggest that you use therapists that are aligned to specific sites, as opposed to individuals who are not.

This just offers you an additional layer of protection, which is a good way of mitigating any potential risk. 

The effectiveness of online therapy comes in many forms. The increasing ease with which we can experience the benefits of the sessions makes the whole process more palatable to most who seek it, and in the coming years, we will no doubt see this market increase.

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