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The Consequences of Trusting an Insurance Adjuster for a Motorcycle Accident Claim


Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous type of collisions. The lack of protection and the increased risk of injury in these accidents makes them particularly devastating. When this collision occurs, your injuries may be worse than in a car accident because you’re more exposed to the elements, and your limbs may not have as much protection. It is important to file a claim following a motorcycle accident. However, it is best to get help in the motorcycle accident claim process to make the process easier. Make sure you have your lawyer by your side when you are talking with the insurance adjuster. The Insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company. They will try everything to lower the settlement amount. A good lawyer can prevent all that.

The Consequences of Trusting an Insurance Adjuster for a Motorcycle Accident Claim

1. Insurance Adjusters Can Be Manipulative

Insurance adjusters may be trained in the legal system and qualified to analyze a claim, but they still need to be more concerned with collecting money than doing what’s right. If they believe you’ll do anything to pursue your claim, they can use their power to manipulate you into paying them before you receive the appropriate care that your injuries deserve.

2. Insurance Adjusters May Underestimate the Value of Your Claim

Insurance adjusters may not be as knowledgeable about motorcycle accidents as car accidents, so they might not understand the full extent of your injuries. It can lead them to underestimate a claim, which can result in you ending up with a lower settlement or even no settlement.

3. Insurance Adjusters May Lack the Generosity to Offer an Appropriate Settlement

Even if they completely understand your injuries and know the value of your claim, insurance adjusters can still find ways to offer you a low settlement that isn’t near fair. Their employer may encourage them to pay you less than they would with another type of vehicle.

4. Insurance Adjusters May Ignore the Context of Your Accident

You may have been involved in a collision with a car driven carelessly. Still, an insurance adjuster might not consider that when offering you a settlement for your claim. They’re more interested in protecting the reputation of the at-fault driver, so they might push for you to get less money because of their negligence.

5. Insurance Adjusters May Deny Your Right to a Withdrawal of Medical Records

Insurance adjusters have been known to refuse to let you take medical records related to your claim, even if you’re the injured party and legally entitled to them, because they don’t want others to learn about your physical condition. No one likes being misled about their medical condition, but withholding those records can play havoc with a motorcyclist’s claim for damages.

6. Insurance Adjusters May Understate Your Loss

Insurance adjusters can understate your losses even if you’re injured in a motorcycle accident. Your claim needs to be handled at an expert level so it can be argued at the highest level, and an insurance adjuster can only sometimes provide this. Using their expertise alone might mean you don’t receive the proper compensation for your injuries because they underestimate the extent of your losses when they make their calculations.

To get help in the motorcycle accident claim process, you should take advantage of a lawyer who can help you navigate the road to justice. Using an experienced attorney with extensive motorcycle accident claim experience will give you the compensation you deserve after suffering devastating injuries without having to deal with insurance adjusters who may attempt to take advantage of your situation.

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