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What is the status of California’s sports betting bill?

There is always something going on in and around Brentwood to keep the local community busy. Whether it is radio stations such as Phoenix FM to listen to or the choice of shops and restaurants in the town, people here can always find cool ways to pass the time. Sometimes, though, it can pay to look outside of Brentwood for the most interesting stories, and cast an eye on what is happening on a global scale.

The changing face of sports betting around the world certainly hits the mark and nowhere sums this up better than what is going on in the USA now. While betting on sports is something people in Brentwood and the rest of the UK have been able to do legally for a long time, this is not always true for every US state.

California is a prime example and has a stance on sports betting that might surprise people from the UK. It is especially worth considering, if you like to bet on sports in the UK and are thinking of holidaying in this part of North America. But is sports betting legal in California and what is the current state of play in terms of sports wagering?

Is sports betting legal in California?

The simple fact is that sports betting is not yet legal in this US state. This might be something of a shock when you think how big sports are over there and the amount of top-class pro teams that California boasts. Although some states chose to legalize betting on sports after the 2018 US Supreme Court ruling which allowed it, the Golden State has not followed suit as yet.

There are, however, a couple of exceptions to know about. Daily Fantasy Sport games are legal to play in this US state and visitors can do so with without any worries. Betting on horse racing is also allowed at sites such as TwinSpires, if you like to have a flutter on the horses.

What is the status of California’s sports betting bill?

If you live in Brentwood, you no doubt love to keep an eye on local stories and find out handy tips like how to complete a loft conversion at home. It is always fun, though, to look at global news stories and find out more about things like sports betting in California. The good news is that many people expect it to be made legal fairly soon.

The main reason for this view is the positive noises being made by state officials and the status of a sports betting bill for California. For example, the paperwork to amend the state constitution and legalize sports betting has been completed. While it is still being discussed and signed off, it does represent a concrete move forward for legal sports betting in Cali.

There have also been talks of a public referendum on sports betting, which would give people the chance to say what they think should happen. If all this does pass into state law and a sports betting bill is ratified, the move towards a totally legal sports betting market in the Golden State could follow quickly.

Why might California legalize sports betting?

There are a few very good reasons why lots of people think this will happen soon. To begin with, opening up the sports betting market will make California more appealing to tourists and prevent it from losing out to neighboring states that do offer it (like Nevada). As tourism from places like the UK is so important to California, this is a big motivator for the sanctioning of sports betting there.

You also have to factor in the extra money it would bring in to state coffers. Other states that have legalized this sector (such as New Jersey and New York) have shown the colossal amounts that it can generate, typically for use in public works. These sums are hard to ignore for officials in California and could be another big reason to open up the sector. When you also consider the extra jobs and wealth that legalized sports betting could bring to the state, it is easy to see why so many people there are calling for it.

Status of sports betting in California

The changing nature of the sports betting landscape in the USA is a hot topic right now and certainly an interesting trend to stay abreast of. California is one of the most fascinating states in terms of sports betting and looks a good prospect to be one of the next to open up to this lucrative market.

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