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Best Treats to Train Your Dog

Your little furry friend will appreciate a little treat between mealtimes, especially if you are trying to train him. But, you want to ensure you give your dog the best treats, those that generally support his health. Visit DogStruggles for detailed reviews but read on for more options.

Finding suitable treats on the market can be quite a task, and if you are health conscious, there may not be many options to choose from. Luckily, these couple up as nourishing foods and delicious treats that your dog will appreciate.

Your Dog’s Food

You do not necessarily need to buy an extra pack of food as treats for your dog. The food they already eat is a treat enough to them when training. If you have found foods that your dog enjoys, you could use them as treats too.

Also, your dog is already familiar with the taste and texture, so you do not have to experiment with new ones. Your dog will enjoy a few kibbles off mealtimes without you necessarily spending on treats. Again, most are just like regular dog food.

Cooked Meat

Cooked lean meat is definitely a treat for your furry friend. If your dog enjoys home-cooked foods and that is already part of their menu, you could use some lean meat as a treat. Dogs naturally enjoy meat and will easily pick up on commands knowing there is a delicious treat on the way.

The idea is to cut the meat into small bite-size pieces that your dogs can easily bite and chew. Ideas for meats are chicken and salmon. These are packed with essential omega acids, beneficial for your dogs; however, they have high-fat content and should be given in small quantities.

Cooked Vegetables

You do not have to look beyond your kitchen to find a favourable dog treat. Cooked vegetables can come in handy, they are super delicious, and your dog will enjoy the textures and flavours. As long as they are in small bite-size chunks, your dog should not have a problem munching on them.

As with the other foods, do not give too many vegetables or a mix of different ones at the same time. They are nourishing and contain essential vitamins that your dog needs, but too many of them may cause tummy issues.

Examples of vegetables you can give your dog as treats are carrots, green beans, and broccoli.

Peanut Butter

The creamy, smooth texture of peanut butter is a favourite for many, and your dog is no exemption. Of course, you have to be sure your dog is not allergic to peanuts. Additionally, you should be careful with store-bought peanut butter, as most have artificial additives and sweeteners.

Unsweetened peanut butter works perfectly fine and has beneficial nutrients to support your dog’s overall health. Give peanut butter in moderation as it has a high-fat content. You can pop some into a Kong to act as a great distraction and a treat at the same time.

These are handy treats you can give to your dog during training. They are all healthy options, readily available, and easy to keep up with. Additionally, they are delicious; your dog will pick up on commands to enjoy a bite or two.

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