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Sometimes life drags and or feels like it and sometimes it seems to speed up. The last bank holiday of the year and autumn to plan for, with all the hints of a last sunny break opportunity abound. I keep thinking about how I have missed out so much again this year but am glad of my health. I think if things ever get back to some semblance of normal I might not know what to do, could I be stuck in this eggshell life of no real plans. Adapting is the watchword for most and I agree, as I look forward to going back to gigs and maybe doing some travel again, this time with more effort I would say.

For years the music scene has tried to market new music and from that, we have had classic genres. But for a good period, they have been really drilling them down to fads. So in the chatty bit wise, I wondered, could it be a sign of getting old to get annoyed by all these music genres, and if so what ones do you detest currently and why.

This week’s music selection is yet another mixed bag of electronic-based ‘genres’, as we heard new tracks from AfterDark – Blab – Blaklight – Thought beings – THIEF – Synthetic Villains – Pulse Lab, plus loads more known and new artists to delight your ears bits.

1. Ladytron – The Island
2. Tin Gun – Devils & Angels (Radio Edit)
3. Lilith My Mother – Now (Scot Collins Remix)
4. Denial Waits – Tumbleweed
5. Jeff McCall – I See You
6. AfterDark – What Do You Know About Love (Radio Mix)
7. Mike Haunted & Chris KD – Neverending Sunrise
8. Siouxsie and the Banshees – City In Dust
9. MORE – Legacy of K
10. Blab – Insurance (clean edit)
11. Spacebuoy – Somersault
12. SoftWave – System Failure
13. LorD amd Master – Modus operandi (single mix)
14. BlakLight – Nightmares
15. Handsome Dancer – Coincidance
16. Eden – Good as gold
17. Thought Beings – Radio
== EmT – This Was Your Life
19. Covered in Snow – Raincheck
20. THIEF – Apple Eaters
21. Depeche Mode – Somebody (Remastered)
22. Zero Corporation & Roberto Sass – Language of the Heart
23. Synthetic Villains – Wander Off, Wondering
24. Cult With No Name – The Automatic Day
25. Hometime – It Beats Living Alone
26. Pulse Lab – Music Is Dead
28. Soft Cell – Northern Lights

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