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Phew, what an absolute scorcher this weather has been again, how are we all so surprised by the ups and down, how do we really bother to plan and how do we care- we the English are said to be mad dogs [eg: Mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun]. I think you have to see why with our weird weather it is hard to be sane.
On a serious note, My heart does go out to our European brothers and sisters with the terrible flash floods, so it is clear what can any of us do. This week sparks the first real attempt to break the sensable but restrictive lockdown in England, to a better situation and I hope most will not go out of their way to be living up to that old Mad dog’s tag. To me, it is more about ‘Keep Calm and Carry on.
On this week’s chatty bitwise, as I’m so used to many classic British idioms or infamous saying that I wondered what lovely expressions spring into mind for you currently, are they related to this point in our lives and are or old expressions that are bang on?

Some great artists expressing themselves this week, rather well with their new music, coming from Casey Spooner – Ich Projekt featuring Sebastian and the dream – Gulvoss – Nivid – Sudden Creation – Shelter Calm – Scarlet Fantastic, Plus a few remixes and classic artists along the warming air pathways.

1. Spacebuoy – Somersault
2. Vogon Poetry – Atomic Skies (Single)
3. Scenius – Some Of Your Nights (Black Boiler remix)
4. Voltron 2 – Wish I Was There
5. Brite Spires – Youth Movement Disco
6. Casey Spooner – Blood is blood
7. LorD and Master – Greenlight (featuring Neil Francis)
8. The Associates – Party Fears Two
9. Charlotte Someone & Lokka Vox – Crucified The Ghost Of Love
10. Projekt Ich – All Over The World feat. Sebastian and the dream
11. Strange Eyes – Jupiter
12. Man Without Country – Gardener in a War (Edit)
13. Kiss Of Deers – Winter in July 2021 (John Beagley Retrospective Remix)
14. Gulvoss – Walking On Water
15. The Frixion – To Hell and Back
16. Inertia – Streaming
17. Nivid – Mazhab
18. Depeche Mode – A Question of Time (Black Nylon Rmx)
19. Vague Notion Grevus Anjl – Axiomatic
20. Sudden Creation – The Man Who’s Had Everyone.mp3
21. KNIGHT$ – Boom Bang Boom (Mirko Hirsch Radio Edit)
22. Miss FD – Adore
23. Shelter Calm – Artificially Intelligent
24. Shiny Darkness – Brain Strain (album version)
25. The Livelong June – Friends
26. Scarlet Fantastic – Make Way for Love
27. Martyn Bailey – Boys and Girls
28. Future Self (Feat. Jamie Jamal) – The One (Radio Edit)

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