Coffee Making Tips To Make The Most Delicious Coffee From The Comfort Of Your House

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know just how important the morning cup of coffee is. It is the perfect way to kickstart your day and set it off on an energized note. Nothing beats the first sip of freshly-made coffee that comes after a stressful workday; it’s all that we, coffee drinkers, daydream about, second to taking a refreshing shower and stepping into a set of comfy clothes.

There’s nothing that a coffee enthusiast anticipates more than a coffee date at their favourite café; we all run errands in the area as an excuse to pass by and get our hands- or taste buds- on our dearest beverage. There’s almost nothing as satisfying as getting a whiff of the perfect blend of aromas, which hit all the right notes, as soon as you step foot in the coffee place.

Being an avid coffee drinker means that a cup of coffee can either make or break your day; nothing is as disappointing as looking forward to your coffee drink that turns out bad. Because we know that the few bucks that you spend every day on this particular beverage can easily take up a large portion of your budget, we are here to tell you a few tips that will help you make the most delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Buy Whole, Fresh Coffee Beans

Coffee is characterized by its flavourful, complex fusion of various tastes and smells, simply because of the many aromatic compounds that can be found in roasted coffee beans. The issue with roasted coffee beans is that they undergo a process known as “degassing.” In this process, the aromatic compounds start to escape the beans, taking plentiful amounts of flavor along right after roasting. In just 8 days, you will be surprised to find that up to 70% of the compounds, along with the flavour, have been gone. The longer your unused coffee stays, the staler and less flavorsome it will get.

If you grind your coffee, this will only accelerate the degassing process. The larger surface serves as an invitation for an easier aromatic compound escape, and this is why you should always purchase small amounts of fresh coffee and buy more whenever you run out. Additionally, you should only grind the amount that you need right before making your drink, as this will help you get the most flavour out of the coffee beans.

Brewing Method

Different brewing methods are all designed to yield different results. While some brewing methods are better in terms of saturation, brewing your coffee has no solid correct or wrong way as long as you know what you’re doing. While you may be interested in bold, complex brewing methods, the reviews on the ole drip machine suggest that there are easier and more accessible ways to make a good cup of coffee. You can experiment with various brewing methods and research different coffee machines until you achieve your definition of a perfect cup of coffee. While your current go-to coffee type may suit your preferences, you may be amazed if you give yourself the chance to explore something new.

You Need a Scale

You’ve probably heard of the coffee ratio rule that suggests you use 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 oz of water. Sounds simple, right? This, along with the endless other recipes and recommended ratios out there, can all be used to brew a cup of it that’s good enough. However, they all lack one very important factor in the world of coffee, and that’s precision. Precision is needed so that you can elevate your coffee-making techniques and take them to the next level. You should always keep in mind that different blends and coffees vary in density and size, which are elements that would naturally influence how you would make your favourite drink. For instance, one tablespoon of a certain blend can weigh much more than another, so this is why you need a scale that allows you to measure your blend in weight rather than volume. This way, you will always know exactly how much coffee you are using, regardless of its type.

The Right Amount

If we suggest using a scale to measure your coffee, then you have probably already deduced that using the right amount of coffee is crucial. The ratio of water to coffee is what decides how strong or weak your drink will be. It’s a given that less coffee means you get a weaker cup, and more gives you a stronger one. While this sounds reasonable, you may be wondering how to know the amount that is too much or too little. Try to think of it as some sort of balance; for every 400 grams of water, you can use 35 grams of house blend coffee. That’s a 1:12 ratio and is the perfect amount to highlight the silky feel and chocolatey flavour. If you are using a Single Origins blend, a 1:14 ratio will help accentuate the coffee’s acidity and fine flavour.

Burr Grinder

One of the most important tools that you should use when it comes to brewing coffee is a fine grinder. The ground coffee’s particle size is what decides just how fast you can extract the flavour from the coffee beans. Smaller particles typically extract flavour much faster than larger ones. When you are brewing your coffee, you need to ensure that all your grounds are the same size so that they can all brew at the same rate. If they brew at different rates, you will lose total control of the brewing process. Investing in a burr grinder will help you achieve perfect control; it will make sure that all your grounds are of the same size. Many burr grinders come in numerous settings. These adjustments will always help you generate the perfect sized grounds for all your brews.

For any coffee enthusiast, the perfect cup can donate immediate, unmatchable feelings of satisfaction. A cup of coffee that gets better with every sip is something that all coffee lovers strive for. Because we know that you wish to achieve the most delicious coffee drink comfortably from your house, we gathered a few tips that will help you out.

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