How Students Can Travel For Free

Traveling is fun at any age, but doing it while you are young, before settling in with a steady job or family is a must. In olden times, no student’s education was completed, until they have traveled the world. Why not do the same?

Although the idea of traveling as a student is great, most of us know what it’s like to be young, broke, and with no proper means to explore the world, while being at the exact stage in life when one has both time and health to do so. Thankfully, there are a lot of surprising ways of traveling as a student on a really tight budget. Learn more below!

5 Ways to Travel for Free as a Student

1) Cultural exchange.

Cultural exchange is often available for students and pupils. The main task of this type of program is to get to know the culture of the country you visit and to overcome the language barrier. It allows full immersion in the foreign culture and communication with local people. Usually, experience includes living in a dorm or even with a local family, which enhances the authentic experience even further.

2) Education abroad

If parents are willing and able to participate, one can easily combine traveling and education. This may be the case if one fancies getting a degree abroad too. This is great in many ways, as you not only get to explore different countries but get prestigious foreign education while doing so. Many students who try this path end up finding work in a foreign country afterward and prologue their stay. The only con of education abroad is that it’s usually expensive, as very few universities offer scholarships or any financial aid for foreign students. Yet, consult with your parents and see if they think education abroad is worth investing in – most parents usually think so.

Studying abroad can be challenging too, as you may not be completely fluent in a foreign language and still need to complete various essays and other academic assignments for your studies. Here is where WritingUniverse can help you get some ideas on different essay topics.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to spend a couple of years abroad, but prefer a short stay, you can opt for language courses abroad. They cost way less and still allow you to spend a few weeks or months exploring another country while learning about its language and culture.

3) Volunteer work

Usually, volunteers pay only for the flight (sometimes it can be compensated), while accommodation is provided by the host. Volunteer work takes about four hours a day, with plenty of extra time left. Additionally, volunteers can help out with various important causes.

4) Find a job abroad.

You can become a counselor in a children’s camp. Counselor’s job is fun and emotionally rewarding. To start a counselor career, it is advisable to take special courses if you have no prior experience of working with children. There are different types of camps out there too, so you can surely find a perfect one for you.

Of course, if you need to study as well as work, it can be very tricky, since you may not have enough time for some of your assignments. Yet it shouldn’t be stopping you – you can take advantage of research paper writing services to get ahead of your education and still work and enjoy traveling.

Evidently, there are tons of options to explore when it comes to working abroad while traveling. If one knows one or a couple of foreign languages, they can become a teacher or tutor abroad, while if they’re good with children, a governors’ job will suit them. If teaching or otherwise interacting with people on a daily basis seems daunting to you, you can try seasonal work on a farm.

5) Freelance

You can go on a trip and work as a freelancer for just several hours daily so that you could afford accommodation and get around. One may start with only a small budget and laptop. It’s an excellent way to travel and make money in the meantime.

Time to Pack your Bag

Hopefully, now you see that there are some good options when it comes to traveling for free. We tried exploring those scenarios, which will not only allow traveling but also getting valuable experience, benefiting your future and even helping you become financially independent. This way you don’t simply leisure, but also work towards your future!

BIO: Merissa Moore

Merissa is a writer who creates helpful and insightful articles that are not just fun but can give you some advice and motivation regarding turning your life around. She is very passionate about highlighting opportunities that the younger generation can take advantage of. It’s her firm belief that in the modern world anyone can accomplish anything with proper resources, which Merissa works on contributing to. She spends her free time traveling and indulging in photography.

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