Brentwood, 10.06am: 11°C, very heavy rain

Synth City: Fawkes out for Traditions


Now as this week’s live show was on the annual Bonfire night, we chatted about the battle of traditions at this time of year, what with the show going out on the UK event of Bonfire night; which is dwarfed by the commercial successes of Halloween, I felt it apt to speak about how there is no point in those people who say ignore Halloween as it’s just an Americanism and let us stick to our Guy Fawkes night traditions- what do you think?

As well as lame heated debates…we had new music on this weeks radio show came from Blutengel – Promenade Cinema – Pink Lemon Music – Charlotte Someone featuring Lokka Vox – Subject 2 – The Light Dreams – Dead Method, plus we delighted in the welcomed return of Strange Eyes and a solid remix for The Rude Awakening care of Dicepeople, along with tons more of those sizzling tunes.

Check out the full show as a Podcast edition here;


1. The Frixion – I Cannot Play These Games
2. Shiny Darkness – Spontaneous human combustion
3. The Rude Awakening – Kaleidoscope (Dicepeople Roll the Dice Remix)
4. Das Klaus – Mond
5. Alice Hubble – Kick the Habit
6. Blutengel – DAMOKLES
7. Jeff McCall – New Romantics
8. Depeche Mode – Ghost
9. Strange Eyes – Black Heart
10. Promenade Cinema – The Arch House
11. Sun Goes Dark – I Know There’s Something Going On
12. Mercury Machine – The Lost
13. Fused – Sanctified (Radio Edit)
14. Pink Lemon Music – Falling Apart
15. Parisian 10 – European Boys
16. From Apes To Angels – Motorway (Radio Edit)
17. Charlotte Someone feat Lokka Vox – She Bites
18. Circuit3 – Fall In Love Again [radio edit]
19. Neon States – Running up that Hill
20. Subject2 – Nobody’s There
21. Heliophile – Melding of The Minds
22. Naked Lunch – Glow
23. The Light Dreams – Renegade Frequencies
24. TINY MAGNETIC PETS – Girl In A White Dress
25. Rusty Egan Presents ft Shimmer Johnson – Breaking
26. Dead Method – Blonde (clean)
27. Vain Machine – Invisible
28. Geoff Pinckney – One Condition